Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Right ?

It’s been so damn long since I wrote anything …I actually forgot I liked to blog …

Updates : Dave is dating a new little lady ..they seem happy (haven’t met her) Unfortunately a 20 year old boy rarely sends mommy pics so this is all I got. Dave is looking into getting a studio by himself ( SHUDDER) if his roommate situation doesn’t come thru by September 1st ( How in the fuck did he get so old ?? SERIOUSLY THOUGH ). I miss Dave alot -it’s been too long since I have seen him and I’m getting itchy. He is however answering more of my phone calls so there’s a plus !

11752480_10204894514142846_5478778190132992922_n (2)

Max has been exploring CO this summer and we also took a wonderful trip to AL to see family. The kid is spoiled beyond belief and doesn’t even know it. He starts 1st grade mid August so we are packing in all the fun we can on my days off. ( i have more pics of Max since I get to take them -this is a total guilt trip dave ..send more pics or come out here )

11062261_10204531779794714_7534591708341390705_n (2)

11264848_10204882037830946_2601112001703612829_n (2)

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988585_10204747973839430_3206904691675736501_n (2)

Alabama :

11401378_10204629356914081_6575300995731397054_n (2)

I have been through alot of “interesting ” feeling/things lately (I wont go into details) BUT I hit some lows and seem to be getting back on track. Working out everyday helps and eating clean sounds weird but it gives me something to focus on and something to challenge myself with. I HIGHLY recommend starting a program if you start to feel “depressed ” ( overused word but you get the jest ) OH and wine helps too. 729c0715210689cec1754cf23893b54a

Some thoughts lately :

I am SO DONE WITH NETFLIX !! I want cable but cannot afford the prices #firstworldproblems WAHHHHHHHHH


My work is a joke and Im getting bored ..we have so little call volume now that I spend about 12 hours on Facebook oh and PInterest .. hahha NOT complaining but need to be a little challenged …so long story short this is what I want to sing :

I am LOVING country right now ..yep might even get boots ( this is not a joke ) ..too many songs to list BUT give country a try ..y’all ..:) you might like !

Hope July was everything you expected and August brings great treasures for everyone ..I know I am hopeful …

AND WITH THAT ..Funny memes ( not for the faint of heart )






Bucket List ( new and improved )

I just had to get this down on paper ( so to speak )

This week I have a bucket list YES for this week ..

it was suggested to me to do a week bucket list. I like it cuz its fast and easy and really makes you think ..what do I want to do this week ..

well for me …

1. Make a collage.

2. Pray.

3. Roll down a hill.

4.Play soccer.

5.Bring coffee to someone.

6.Think I look pretty.

7. Laugh so hard I pee a little.

8. Allow someone to make my day.

anything you want to add ? 🙂

A Little Pink Eye Perspective

I woke up with pink eye this morning  ..yes pink eye ..yes I am near 35 (40) and I have pink eye like a toddler ..I believe little nasty kiddos from a party Max and I went to this weekend gave  this to me ..the whole snotty lot of them ..with “allergies ” or ” wow that’s new he never sneezes like that ” B.S. your kid is a germ factory ( albeit a cute one BUT a germ factory ) anyway my eyes hurt and are itchy however I do have to say some positives came out of it :

1. I could not stop anywhere on the way into work ..therefore saving money.

(Quasimodo anyone ?? look at the eyes …images

2.My coworkers have avoided me like the plague ..therefore leaving me tons of time to get get work done(blogging) .

3.My office has never been cleaner -scrubbing like it’s an operating room .

4.I have to (get to) go to urgent care after work ..why is this a positive ..?? I KNOW this is weird BUT they are so nice there …u get to lie down in a room for 20 mins alone ..they have magazines I CAN READ A MAGAZINE ..after reviewing this it either A.sounds like I have a horrible life or B. I am trying to be a martyr ..neither are true ..I just ( by choice mind you ) get VERY VERY little time alone ..or without responsibility .

ANYWAY get a little pink eye and you too may see the positives in a Monday !

My random acts of kindness “project “- I am actually digging this and look forward to it ..

I am now counting “letting someone in on the freeway ” and ” picking up litter on the sidewalk ” BUT I digress ..

It really does focus attention on “how can I help others and the world ” V.S. “I am about to fuck some one up” ( angry face ) hahhaha

Have a wonderful week all 🙂

images (1)

Tuesday sucks lets all agree

Tuesday bites ! I don’t know why but I do not care for Tuesday ….Any other day I really don’t mind too much …BUT Tues..wait what ?? DAMN I forgot Taco Tuesday ..Tipsy Tuesday and just like that I am in love with this fine day !

Anywho ..lets laugh our asses off today and eat noda but tacos and drink Corona  ..whoz with me ??







Have a great day ..love to all ..

Acts of Kindness

I am kinda out of ideas 🙂 …

Like today ?? Noda yet any suggestions ?

Anyways cool article to inspire ..

I want to be her when I grow up

See the Good in Everyone


Recently, I visited Stockholm on behalf of Camino Magazine. Camino is Sweden’s largest sustainable living magazine. They were wonderful hosts organizing speaking opportunities at their own Sustainability Conference and local businesses.

I found the city to be beautiful. And the people even more.

In the middle of the week, there was a short break in our speaking schedule and we were invited by one of our hosts on a tour of some local museums. We quickly agreed.

Our host’s friend, Stina, accompanied us on our tour. And, at one point after lunch, she told us her story:

Stina once worked in the film and media industry in Sweden. But recently, she has found a new passion—baking. This is where the story gets amazing because her bakery is anything but ordinary.

Stina had begun to notice a surfacing problem in Stockholm: high school students who did not fit the typical mold in Sweden were falling through the cracks, dropping out of school—sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Because of the high priority placed on education in Sweden, these students were left with few options and frustrated parents.

Stina decided to act and did something almost nobody would ever think to do. She built a wood-oven in her home and (even more significantly) she invited over a number of high school drop-outs to bake bread. Today, 18 months later, she hosts some of society’s most at-risk teenagers in her home 5 days/week where they bake goods for a local cafe.

Even Stina’s neighbor has gotten involved building a mobile cart to help deliver goods around town.

As anyone would do after hearing the amazing story, we inquired about this bakery and were thrilled to receive a tour. (pictured above is the bakery with one student and one volunteer—I’ll let you guess which is which).

Stina will be the first to tell you it has not always been easy. There have been difficult times as trust needed to be built. But she can talk for hours about how this little bakery has touched and changed the lives of forgotten teenagers in Sweden.

It all started with one simple decision: Stina decided to believe in the good of people. Even when others thought hope was lost, Stina saw beauty.

She found good and potential and opportunity where others saw none. For the remainder of her life, Stina will be called blessed. And her positive influence will be extended to future generations through the lives she believed and invested in.

Depending on your fluency in Swedish, you can read more about the bakery.

Spreadin’ the Love !


Need a laugh this fine fine “hump” day ??

OK :






T-SHIRTS… dare you to wear !!




All the single ladies all the single ladies:


Grandma with zero self esteem issues :

images (1)

Things that make you shiver :

images (2)


images (4)

Rockstar Status

images (5)

Cats …


Hope everyone has a wonderful week !!

I’ll leave you with this to ponder :

11079593_756977984424591_7930871474517695131_n (2)


So this kindness project is harder than you would think HOWEVER I am doing it ..

And what is kinda cool is you become more aware of others and spreading kindness when you have to do it daily ( duh ) …

Some fun ones I have done -left picked flowers on a strangers doorstep -bought a girlfriend of mine special hand soap cuz I knew she loved the smell -made Max and Chris homemade Cheezits ( SUPER YUMMY ) -brought my neighbors who just had a baby a basket of fresh fruit, and specialty breads -its actually fun if you get into it ! I need to burn a CD of songs for a friend and have no clue how to so advice is needed ! 🙂

ANYWAYS inspiration for life comes in all shapes and sizes and I thought I would share what is getting me going today 🙂






yes that is shepherds pie 🙂



Love to all !