so long ,long long year

Wow I haven’t written in so long that I forgot my username and password. Apparently my WordPress account privacy is very important because I had an easier time registering Max for school then getting into this account . SO here we are :

This year has been challenging not even gonna lie . Looking forward to 2016 and not looking back . I’ve learned ( learning ) that looking back is a pity party I can so easily attend. (the visual I try to remember is I’m swimming in the ocean and seaweed is everywhere -I am irritated as it brushes against me however I keep swimming forward NOT backwards to get away and eventually there is clear water and stillness and I am at peace.)

I have some wishes ( dare I say prayers ) for 2016 ..fuck maybe just for life :

-I pray for David and Max’s happiness and that they laugh more.

-I pray for sleep (seriously )

-I pray for closure

-As Sex and The City so eloquently put it -my friends become my soul mates ( they already are just took some unfortunate situations for me to be reminded of this )

-I pray ( wish ) for the peace to live in the moment not a million miles ahead and not a million miles behind.

-I wish this to be 100 % true :



-I wish for adventures for all I know .


Any resolutions ? Yes a zillion and three ..hahhahaha ..:) what about you ?

Have a wonderful week all !










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