And when I was a kid

Is there anything more annoying than the “when I was a kid ” statements there is not I must join in ..

I was looking at the cutest fresh eyed faces the other day of teenagers ..god they are adorable …ya know what I instantly thought ?? ( #imoldnow) ..

When I was kid …

Freedom was my bicycle..not free wifi so I can play angry birds and my parents wont bitch about data minutes

My first job was a fantastic privilege where I wanted to do so good and earn my own money..not omg how sad your parents are making you “get a job instead of focusing on schoolwork ” ( WE DID BOTH is possible ..)

EVERYTHING in the house belonged to my parents ..the TV my room my clothes ..none of this well it is yours ..they bought owned it and it could be taken away..”until you are 18 it is all mine dont you forget it ” was spoken often

I knew my friends loved me because they hung out with me ..I didnt gage my social status on a like on social media

TV in my room ?? LMFAO ….you get 30 mins on sat AM ” be happy you get that some kids dont at all ”

Birthday parties were this ..YAY we get hang with our friends and eat cake ..not “princess parties ” or where ur fav super hero shows up ..the entertainment WAS YOUR FRIENDS eating cake with you and playing pin the tail on the donkey ( if u were lucky )

NO TEENAGER would curse infront of adults because you would have 18 parents that all would beat your ass ..AND THAT WOULD BE OK ..infact encouraged ..

Underwear hanging out of your pants ?? this would be along the same line as peeing ur pants in school ..your peers would make sure this never happened ..

AND on that note caps were worn as “i play for this team ” or ” i love his team ” NOT with the tag still on hanging sideways as a “fashion statement ”

Your parents were embarrassing and strict and made you eat your veggies NOT your friend who took you to a Taylor Swift concert at age 8 only to do a horrid “selfie” with eight of your friends.

If you were 12 and dressed like you were a las vegas hooker you were a slut not “a fashionista”

Miss behaving in public was not because you had “add adhd ocd ” it was because you were being an asshole and hell hath no furry like a parent embarrassed in public.

I was raised to respect myself by having boundaries I knew, love I had and respect for the world around me ..

I can ONLY hope my kids get that too…ok rant over I that old already ??


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