A Little Pink Eye Perspective

I woke up with pink eye this morning  ..yes pink eye ..yes I am near 35 (40) and I have pink eye like a toddler ..I believe little nasty kiddos from a party Max and I went to this weekend gave  this to me ..the whole snotty lot of them ..with “allergies ” or ” wow that’s new he never sneezes like that ” B.S. your kid is a germ factory ( albeit a cute one BUT a germ factory ) anyway my eyes hurt and are itchy however I do have to say some positives came out of it :

1. I could not stop anywhere on the way into work ..therefore saving money.

(Quasimodo anyone ?? look at the eyes …images

2.My coworkers have avoided me like the plague ..therefore leaving me tons of time to get get work done(blogging) .

3.My office has never been cleaner -scrubbing like it’s an operating room .

4.I have to (get to) go to urgent care after work ..why is this a positive ..?? I KNOW this is weird BUT they are so nice there …u get to lie down in a room for 20 mins alone ..they have magazines I CAN READ A MAGAZINE ..after reviewing this it either A.sounds like I have a horrible life or B. I am trying to be a martyr ..neither are true ..I just ( by choice mind you ) get VERY VERY little time alone ..or without responsibility .

ANYWAY get a little pink eye and you too may see the positives in a Monday !

My random acts of kindness “project “- I am actually digging this and look forward to it ..

I am now counting “letting someone in on the freeway ” and ” picking up litter on the sidewalk ” BUT I digress ..

It really does focus attention on “how can I help others and the world ” V.S. “I am about to fuck some one up” ( angry face ) hahhaha

Have a wonderful week all 🙂

images (1)


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