So this kindness project is harder than you would think HOWEVER I am doing it ..

And what is kinda cool is you become more aware of others and spreading kindness when you have to do it daily ( duh ) …

Some fun ones I have done -left picked flowers on a strangers doorstep -bought a girlfriend of mine special hand soap cuz I knew she loved the smell -made Max and Chris homemade Cheezits ( SUPER YUMMY ) -brought my neighbors who just had a baby a basket of fresh fruit, and specialty breads -its actually fun if you get into it ! I need to burn a CD of songs for a friend and have no clue how to so advice is needed ! 🙂

ANYWAYS inspiration for life comes in all shapes and sizes and I thought I would share what is getting me going today 🙂






yes that is shepherds pie 🙂



Love to all !


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