Listen up Y’all it’s a Sabotage

Ways to sabotage your diet :

Have wonderful co workers who bake or frequent Starbucks. They are sneaky and feel you must share in their indulgences.( I ADORE THEM ). Must find a co worker that owns an apple orchard or bakes as often as I do …

Asian food ….no you cannot eat lo-cal -ever -with anything there ..unless you are someone who can pass on soup, egg roll, potstickers and simply order steamed veggies while the rest of the table eats happily. (Can you tell this would never work for me ?)

Have a husband the cooks …and well….and decadent ..I told Chris the other day I will cook for the next 30 days if he will do the dishes daily instead  ..( Moment when I wish I was video taping ) His face was a mixture of horror ( shit we will starve) and rebellion (I will never do the dishes and you cannot make me). On the upside this was hysterical ..

Life..yes life ..damn you life for being so busy and on those busy days ..I forget to pack food ..well its “scrounge time ” ..the office has canned food and top roman.I DARE you next time to look at calorie amount/sodium etc chili , soups etc . One can=calorie intake for day ..might as well say f*uck it and order a pizza -trust me its less fattening and you will enjoy more. **** Update I have eliminate this by having food in the fridge at work ..I always have lunch meat and cheese…so worse case I have back up -YAY Steph I am so organized and on top of my game ( OHH you can hear that ?? The bullshit meter ? Well I gave it a shot )

7-11 ..they have Hot Cheetos ..need I say more ?

Alcohol + Girlfriends =wine, hummus, cheese, crackers and then late night cereal binge ..I heard anyway, I have no personal knowledge of this …:)

Cold Weather ..because who doesn’t crave homemade mac n cheese and gravy smothered pork chops when it is -5,000 degrees out ? ( ok it was in the teens but still ) there is no way to exercise outside there you have it two FABULOUS excuses when it is cold.

Because no true person can be “fed” off negativity..I goggled staying on track ideas here is what I got :

1. Plan your meals – This will not only help you stay on track, but it will help you stay on budget as well. I plan all my meals before I go to the store so I only get items I need. It is also important to never shop on an empty stomach. You will be more likely to impulse buy that way.

2. Bring your lunch to work – This will also save you money. I try to batch cook on the weekends. Mostly soups in the crock pot and on the stove. I store them in serving sized containers so I can just grab them easily and put them into lunches.

3. Don’t keep junk in the house – If it’s not there to tempt you, you will not eat it. This is hard in the beginning, but I promise it gets easier.

4. Prep ahead of time – I always keep veggie sticks and hummus on hand in my fridge when I get a snack craving. Roasted chickpeas and nuts are another healthy option.

5. Try to limit your sugar intake – Sugar is addictive and encourages unhealthy snacking. The less you have, they less you will need to snack. Snacking on high fiber foods like nuts, seeds and vegetables will keep you full longer

I also read one that said have lots of sex and weigh yourself every morning after ….let’s all take a moment to reflect on these two activities together equaling staying on track ….WTF ??

ANYWAY have a wonderful week everyone ..funnies ?? okay dokey ..



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