Response required

you must respond with facts about must 🙂

16 facts about me

1. I’m 38

2. I’m a mom  of the coolest boys ever -very far apart in age

3. I’m “bubbly ” always have been

4. I was teased as a kid  for being Bubbly hahha

5. I love dirty rap circa 1990

6. I love to trying new foods

7.I am proud of my family ( extended also ) 

8. I consider some friends family

9. Loved playing sports and miss it more than I admit  

10.I have moved alot ( mainly locally )

12. I genuinely dig kiddos and really miss working with them

13.I have anxiety-chronic and was once told I would never be cured.

14. I have never had a tooth pulled and my first cavity was two years ago.

15. My dream car would be a Land Rover ( to buy is on my bucket list ) 

16.I am not good with money 


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