Max V.S. a Sleeping Dad …

So let me give you the back story ..

Chris works nights and is really struggling to adjust and out of sleep for almost 12-14 hours ..cannot sleep ..and when he does he is OUT like dead to the world ..insert a five year old child …insert a curious /active five year old child ….one who truly believes (and has always) it is unfair that he is not an adult yet. On the week days I work Chris has Max after school ..until late evening and on Sundays all day until late evening ..

Chris is dead to the world ..( partial times I guess) ..

And this is what has happened:

Max ate (drank) 3/4 bottle of honey

Somehow the light cover on the ceiling of Max’s room shattered.

Food has been left in the microwave a coffee mug.

An entire bottle of Mayo was thrown away ..Full

The computer had mysterious “film ” on the screen.

I could go on BUT you get the point ..

SOOOOO a week or so ago I sat down with Max and we chatted about “rules ” practiced microwave cooking ..practiced dialing phones and memorized numbers ( we broke down and bought a landline for him )

WELL guess what ?? It worked LIKE worked worked ( Max now corrects me and reminds me of proper food prep and care LOL ) Infact I think Max is kinda stoked about the responsibility ( I even leave him a small “chore list ” to do ) ..

SO not to sound like “that” mommy/person BUT if you find yourself in a similar situation don’t underestimate ( as I originally did ) how much your Kindergartner can do AND how cool it is to see them “empowered ” by life 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday and week 🙂


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