I am adopting Max’s eating habits or diet plan  ..should be down 100 pounds in days ..

The rules are simple :

List of “yucky unacceptable food to eat ” 

-Spaghetti of any kind ..infact noodles are the devil. Macaroni and cheese should never be requested or offered it is NOT a “kid food ” and should never under an circumstances be considered as such. UNLESS you are at Red Robin then the macaroni and cheese is the best ever .

-Casseroles or like textures should be avoided at all costs -neigh run from pretending to vomit.

-Soups are not only a “waste of time because you are not eating you are drinking ” they  are also too hot -at all times-no they never cool down -ever.

-Avoid sandwiches at all costs unless you are forced to eat OR you go to a sandwich shop then eat an entire foot-long because everyone knows sandwiches from home just “don’t cut it ” .

-Mash potatoes fall along the lines of the “casserole texture” icky ..this includes rice that comes from anywhere other than Chinese or Thai restaurants.

-A hot dog is only deemed acceptable at baseball games -a stadium is required.

-Tacos are only good for the meat and cheese inside ..BTW the more time one takes to make the “shells ” perfect the worse they are .

Acceptable foods :

-Pizza ( this may change without warning ) and only cheese and only thin crust and only cold leftover the next AM.

-The only fruit to eat is apples, applesauce or cantaloupe-ever-period. Please remember you must claim you have tried every other fruit ever grown ( they don’t know what you eat at school -or work whatever the case may be )

-Veggies of all kinds are good except celery which is reminiscent to “hair”. And tomatoes which are “eyeballs that are red. ”

-Steak-ideally eaten daily for breakfast,lunch and dinner and please remember it must literally be mooing to enjoy.

-Meats of all kinds -sauces will not be tolerated and “ruin ” all meat.

-Eggs all except hard boiled, which is cruel to eat because it is a “baby ” chicken ..however scrambled,fried etc are not -please “get the facts straight” .

-Yogurt of all kinds is fabulous and should be considered an entire meal.

-Rice cakes are another yummo and again should be considered an entire meal ..OHH and NEVER ever put anything on them ..if you should happen to accidentally the entire rice cake is tainted and must be thrown away.

-Chocolate milk is VERY healthy and should be drank as much as possible ..this is not to be considered a dessert -ever.

-Water is the best drink ever ( GOOD JOB MAX )

-If no one “bugs ” you remember eating once a day or once every other day is completely normal and healthy.

I may be starting this diet soon -I am wondering if I should do before and after pics ..LOL…

OHH and dont get me started on his work-out plan :

  • “P25 not P90 -P25 is better and includes pill-ups ( yes pill) “
  • It is done nightly in Max’s room and anyone can join “try to keep up. “


Happy Happy Tuesday Everyone ..

Cheers ( its 5 o’clock somewhere )

Funny-Drink baby

And smiles ( how can you not ?? )


love to all 🙂


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