Thankful in January

Some fun grateful reminders :

10918987_898155150218113_3949717382329668023_o (2)

Thank you snow are teaching me to conquer my fears of driving in you.

10463657_806566592710598_4779257789897118062_o (2)

Thank you second job that will help me pay for my car and remind me that I am still young enough to do this.


Thank you grocery store for teaching me to budget and providing me the ability to make homemade food.


Thank you Wednesday for being “hump ” day and helping me remember its almost the weekend.

100 % truth :


Cutie pie :

10711064_10203108979985608_3819959998755710999_n (2)

And I get to have two cutie pies :

10413290_10203449438176850_2969568248955645021_n (2)

Thank you all of you !!


andddddd a silly !! Have a wonderful week ya’ll



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