Tid BIt Sunday

Tips on sharing a car with your husband:

-Do not speak at 4:30AM to one another …I mean NOT A WORD.

-With the weather at -4 degrees and heavy snow do NOT give driving advice ..EVER ..shut up and hold on ..I,of course am speaking of either party.

-When deciding who is paying and pumping gas at said time in the AM and said degrees ..decide before hand ..like the night before ..fuck get it writing ..

-Whoever’s car is it is will accuse other party of one if not all of these things :

A. Wiping windows with a dirty rag thus leaving “smudges ”

B. Leaving  “inappropriate ” things in car that should be taken out when arriving at home or destination. EX: Gloves , hats, and a car charger ( YES CAR CHARGER )

C. Driving too fast/slow therefore not using gas efficiently and having to fill up too often

SIDE NOTE : It is Chris’s car and I am accused of all of the above ..

-Do not dial the divorce lawyer you have (newly) in your contacts ..you may find out your significant other has the same number and an appointment before you .

Poor Chris he too has had to give his “freedom” with car sharing and has been relatively “quiet ” about his protests…send love and light our way peeps 🙂

So here is hoping I get a car this week or like yesterday ..

AND some funny Sunday’s …NOT PG 🙂


Play-Doh gave a bunch of children their very first dildo for Christmas.


Have a wonderful week and New Year !


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