Wearing my hypocrite cape ..

I am truly NOT self deprecating as much as it may seem that way ..I am fishing for sympathy and connection with others so please share the ways you too have a hypocrite side…

Five  hypocritical things I do that I would like to change :

1. I truly believe children should play not watch or watch a VERY limited amount …in my heart of hearts I believe this and JUDGE yes JUDGE others that let their little ones have TV’s in their room or use TV’s as babysitters …fact we eat dinner and breakfast in front of the TV and I frequently use TV shows as a means to talk on the phone and/or use the bathroom without Max interrupting -I would like to change this ..thought about making breakfast every AM and having us all sit down together doesn’t that sound great ? (Dinner is out we work opposite schedules.) Unfortunately Max is the only happy one in the house before 7AM and I fear that me cooking a big breakfast might last ..hmm..never it would last “never ” .BUT its a great way (goal) to start the New Year ..

2.I truly believe a marriage only works if you are best friends. Fact I recently told a friend “I’m not in the mood to drink but I’m not sure I can handle Chris sober.” This is not “best friend ” behavior.

3.I hate everything about Starbucks as I am waking up early to be in the drive thru ordering my “christmas ” drink. Damn you corporate GMO supporting company …oh yes please a scone too !!

4. I believe in GMO free organic food for me and my family … fact I eat Top Roman too often. Max has eaten Top roman and Chris regularly eats SPAM. Just don’t tell the moms that I have “lectured” to about the importance of organic milk ..

5.I routinely talk about how horrible churches are and yet go every chance I get ( or used to before working Sundays ) to my credit though Max LOVED sunday school and it was an hour I got of silence. I must confess I often times ..ok most times.. made to do list during sermon ..a grocery list and/or jotted down “must look up ” info I didn’t want to forget. However I was there in the “dreaded ” organized religion.

Anywho that is my confession for the day ..anyone do things like this ?? No just me ??


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