Facebook posts give me a reason to be snarky ..( NEW FAV WORD BTW )

12783_864294276934599_7631531092660082585_n (2)

How could I not ..

Give up pleasing everyone -please yourself ….anthem of every 13 year old male ..hell every male out there !

Give up worrying …or in other words support pharmaceutical drug companies ..or the pot dealer next door ..or if you are in CO support your local dispensary ..

Give up comparing yourself to others …avoid gyms …and PTA meetings ..just saying ..

Give up trying to change others …this might be the easiest one to do for me ..I have learned no child in the history of children will hang up their towel and no husband will ever come home early from the bar …once you grasp this life gets easier …

Give up taking everything personally ..avoid tequila ..you take everything personally on Tequila..”he looked at me funny ” “the married bartender is trying to hit on me ” “The taxi driver is secretly over charging me ” …Just avoid tequila ..

Give up controlling …. no clue how to give up controlling my kids ..not my strong suit

Give up negative thinking …in all seriousness I spent a day writing down my inner thoughts on a suggestion to see how negative you are ..HOLY SHIT BATMAN ..try it ..you will become more conscience of thoughts and change them..or atleast I did. The other option is avoiding WebMD ..all self-help books ..the vitamin girl at Whole foods ( NO just me ?? I think negative thoughts like this ..how the hell do you know so much and still smoke that much pot ? Your skin is perfect and mine is terrible ..If i had  $1,000 to buy vitamins I too could look like you ..)


  • I promise to laugh a little today …join me?




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