Housewifey and the weirdest insult ever

SOOO apparently I am a housewife ..

yep I got told by two diff people in two diff ways on two diff days ..( hahha) that its ok if I am a stay at home house wife but why pretend I work  ? ( they said it in diff ways BUT same jest ) One was a PTA mom in CO  the other an old friend.

UMM what ? I explained briefly to each that I do work just weird hours and 12 hours shifts so I get consecutive days off. The PTA mom was “reasonably concerned if I continue to exaggerate.” She CC’d to the president and principal. THIS IS THE WEIRDEST THING RIGHT ??

The old friend said “I understand working part time shame in it ”

First off I don’t work part time..infact last paycheck I had 96 hours ..yes 96 ..BUT here’s what I decided to do….. I wrote this response to both instead of giving them any more facts :

Being an at home mom housewife  is something I could never do because its hard ..WAYYYY too hard for me …I enjoy coffee breaks and bringing in money too much ! Thanks so much for assuming I am that unselfish and giving but I am not hhahhaha ! OH and BTW so stoked for Max and Dave that they get to go to daycare while I have worked …it has taught them so much and they are clearly so independent yayya. ( THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE DIG TO BOTH PARENTS AS THEY HAVE WHINEY CLINGY CHILDREN AND PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT FOR A SECOND BELIEVE MY CHILDREN’S OR ANY CHILD’S INDEPENDENCE COMES FROM WHETHER OR NOT A PARENT STAYED HOME WITH THEM I JUST HAD TO BE A BITCH )

To be honest I am not insulted AT ALL that they think I am a stay at home mom  ..or a housewife you are assuming Chris makes killer money and two would be kinda nice to have the household ran by one person 24 hours a day ..not by two trying to tread water’s just the MOST BIZARRE thing to be accused of lying ?? And why ?? And two diff people in one week that don’t know each other ?? NOT to be a conspiracy theorist BUT that’s weird …the only thing I can come up with is Facebook (one is my friend on there)  the other PTA mom is not so ..I have no clue ?? ANY THOUGHTS ??

Oh well HAVE NO CLUE WHY I CARE (or them for that matter)


Max is the VIP for this week in his class ( each kiddo gets a week). As part of this one day a parent gets to talk about his/her profession to the little ones. 🙂 Chris was going to do it BUT chickened out ( BUMMER KIDS WOULD HAVE LOVED MED EQUIPMENT ) soo it’s on me ..

Any ideas on what to bring/have them look at for dispatch ? I bought little ambulances at dollar tree for each kiddo. Was thinking  Power Point maybe ? Someone suggested taking pictures. ANYWAYS need input ..stat hee-hee.


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Have a great one peps 🙂


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