Blood pressure and some fun

I have a confession …I have high blood pressure …

So I have been doing some research..FUN FACTS I found out ..( mind you I took what doc said and checked NUMEROUS websites as well as talked with people diagnosed high blood pressure so I can say with confidence this shit is pretty accurate ..or I am making this stuff up like Wed MD ..either way read on )

-High Blood pressure is not brought on by stress ( as previously thought ). Stress is NOT GOOD at all for your body and takes a toll in many different places however the CAUSE of high blood pressure is not stress.  Stress CAN exasperate High Blood pressure. Weight-diet/smoking/heredity are what causes high blood pressure.

-Taking your blood pressure 2x every day for four days can give you a “base ” or what your norm is have to do it everyday at the same time though. Crew at work took mine today …

-Taking Vitamin E/Omega 3’s and D-3 will lower your blood pressure over time. You must continue to take everyday for ever ..and eva 🙂

-Salt of ANY kind is not healthy for people with high blood pressure ..sea salt salt …kosher salt …no salt is good .. “salt ” food I didn’t know ..cottage cheese ..string cheese or specifically mozzarella  …lunch meat …tomato based processed foods …and the OBVIOUS salt culprits ..canned ( EWWW  ) …processed foods food ..MY SECRET FAV TOP RAMON.BTW They make a low sodium ( really almost everything ) Ezekiel bread ..its actually good !

-Exercise can help with weight lose which helps with high BP HOWEVER exercise alone can increase BP ..interesting huh ?? Many athletes ( runners) have high BP … must be why I have it ..and if u believe that you should see my last marathon time ..:)

-Severe headaches or migraines can be a sign of High BP …if u get them EVEN once go see a doc..especially with no history …


OK on a happier note :

Max’s school conference went fabulous and hysterical !!

Highlights :

-His reading and math “concepts” are above his grade level.

-His handwriting is VERY neat ( NO CLUE WHERE HE GETS THIS )

-He is and I quote ” a wonderful sharer..a great example to the other shyer kids who have trouble speaking in front of the class. I do USE a timer to keep his sharing down.” (LMAO-I LITERALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD)

-Max has trouble “sharing talking  time with the teacher ” and she would like to see him listen more than raise hand to interject . ( SHE IS A SAINT ..I love the way she put this ..lets all read between the lines ..ur kid is the one that raises his hands too much and its annoying as hell )

FROM THE PE TEACHER:”He is great at PE and sports very coordinated ..he LOVES kick ball” 🙂

FROM THE SPANISH TEACHER :”Max is the most enthusiastic learner in his class. A pleasure to teach. He really understands foreign language ” ( AWWW it ‘s talking and words therefore OF COURSE Max is enthusiastic )

From the Art teacher :”Max loves to learn and try new things. Will be watching  his fine motor skill development needs to improve. ”

His Chapel buddy ( 5th grader ) writes a little something too ..” Max is always polite and sits still.He likes to hold my hand. I love him and can babysit anytime ” (She left her number -LMAO )

They do not give out grades yet BUT overall it was a great report !! YAYYYA Max !!


I sent Davey some good coffee the other day 🙂 he SENT ME TEXT SAYING HE LOVED IT !! YAYYYAYYYA Ill take whatever communication ( bribery )  I can …I still have to find out about his Halloween’s hoping I talk to him by Thanksgiving 🙂 I joke ..I did talk to him last week and he said he has been rock climbing more ( this is new ?? !! ) and skateboarding at the skate park 🙂 I love how active Dave is the mommy in me gets super stoked !!


OHH highlights for me : I cut my own hair ..trimmed BUT watched u-tube ( per instructions by a WONDERFUL hair dresser Mrs. Kristen Tucker) not too shabby ,,( dont mind the constant pig tail ) I am still waiting to hear about the city 911 dispatch job ..wont “open ” up until after the first of the year BUT such a great opportunity -please please cross ur fingers for me !

Chris and I have the day off together Wednesday our plans are this : Hike, open a JOINT ACCOUNT ( I AM TERRIFIED ) and research car insurance ..:) HELP ME GOD hhahha the hike sounds fun though huh ?

Anyway hope everyone has a great week !!








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