OOPS I forgot

I forgot to publish this post I wrote last week ..WOW dark places ?? hahhahha

Having quite a raincloud day …can I vent?

I hate on top of it moms …I am so far NOT on top it that I am sideways and hanging on for dear life  …last week I forgot to put shoes on ..I had slippers on …but shoes ya totally spaced ..guess I thought since there was something covering my feet I did not need to check …no no I wish I was joking …I forgot to turn in Max’s rootbeer float order so next week he will be the only kid in his class without a rootbeer float ..yep I will be guilt buying shit for Max for the next two weeks ..I bought Max a pair of uniform pants and they were missing a button ..this was Max’s only clean pair of uniform pants so he had to wear freshly dryer ironed dirty pants to school -yep on  a day Chris was talking him so ofcourse they both hated me ..and did I tell you this all came to light at 630 AM before leaving for a 12 hour shift ( can you hear the violins ?? ) Anywho I really could go on and on however its unnecessary and IF you are an on top of it mom hats off and please move in ..

I am not happy …. I stepped on glass last night because apparently Chris broke a salsa jar and was in such a hurry ( to FUCKING FISH BTW ) he forgot to clean it up all the way …the discovery came as I stepped on the glass in the kitchen while unloading the dish washer that Chris “did not have time to do ” ( IN SIX FUCKING HOURS )


9d7498743a0eaf60cad99aa28b565daf (2)

I hate everything about this women ..LMAO ( I may or may not kidding )


I am having a fat month ..yep everyday all day ..I want to smash all mirrors like a lunatic..AND SO HELP ME GOD IF CHRIS SAYS well then exercise there will be a new found spot for my weights and he will never sit again.

I miss Dave …like alot ..wont see him until Christmas 😦 I get jumpy and sad if it goes too long without seeing him ..and then I HATE myself for that ..jesus cut the cord ..fuck it might as well just wrap that shit around me and be done fighting !

Well I am happy sunshine ..anyone else have a fuck it I’m done day ?? And still be expected to continue ?? Tricks or secrets for feeling better ?? AND no unfortunately joints/shots are out if the question….I am up to a gallon of water and took some magnesium ..


( she throws the mic down and saunters off stage ) IM OUT !!



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