Catching up Sunday

(Sunday seems to be my post day )

Bullet points -quick I promise

  • Had to miss my job interview last week. Max’s school was closed and I had no babysitter. I am awaiting an email from them to reschedule. (not holding my breath)
  • Posted three new ads on craigslist A. Selling my wedding dress B. Offering childcare Thursday-Sat C. Offering light booking from home.
  • My current job seems to be secure thru November as they signed me up for a dispatching seminar mid month .
  • I have decided to resume using my fitness pal Oct 6th -Nov 6th. Any bets on how much I will ( or will not ) lose ?
  • ALSO during this time I have cut off all coffee shop drinks ..(stocks may plummet)
  • My car is running BARELY and I am getting estimates to fix (or bandaid together)


  • Dave is still in San Diego with Grandpa ..looking for work while he gets all certifications done for EMT. He has an interview lined up at Vons this week ..BUT if anyone knows of ANYTHING please please let us know me get ya Dave’s digits ..and a personal glowing reference for him.
  • Max a roo loves Kindergarten and now sounds out every word he sees..and asks to have you spell every word he says..EVERY FLIPPIN WORD ..and while mother the year comes out at 9AM and spells all the words for him 5PM she is done and I am begging ( bribing ) for silence ..( Can you tell Max’s school was closed last week and we have been together four LONG days with NO BREAKS ?? hahha we did play alot though)

ACTIVITIES Max and I discovered :

  • Leaf painting stuff ..pretty much how it sounds ..use leafs instead of paint brushes ..looks really cool on thick white construction paper ( we took it one step further and made picture frames out of them )
  • If you give a kid a map …SOOOO we went to AAA and got all kinds of free maps -Max had a blast cutting, coloring and highlighting the map.He” used” the map on our 6 mile hike to “instruct ” where we were going …( it was a map of Utah but hey ..) No Max did not walk the 6 miles he was in a stroller and no he did not stop talking ..EVER ..BUT it was educational and I am going for mother of the year so I happily walked and listened and responded ( please read between the lines-sweated ..panted ..contemplated putting earbuds in and simply responding with “oh ya ” every three- four mins ..oh and fantasized about having a nanny …)
  •  We made ghost and pumpkin shaped pizza’s ..cut bread with cookie cutter BEFORE cooking bread with sauce ..cheese ..toppings ..pop in oven ..YAYYAYA I made extras to freeze.
  • OK so here is a great way to get some time to yourself – I put the computer in Max’s room and streamed  a radio station … so I told him every time there was a commercial he could come chat if he needed me ..unless it was an emergency he was to play in his room and to come get me ( I told him I had boring adult stuff to do around the house ) only when a commercial was on. I hid in the bathroom and READ ..YAYYAYA Steph !!

I make it sound all bad -Max and I DID have fun …and honestly now at work I kinda miss the guy ..not for too long though Chris is going out this afternoon and bringing Max to me for the evening …resuming once again our “velcro suits ”








Have a wonderful week …





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