OOPS I forgot

I forgot to publish this post I wrote last week ..WOW dark places ?? hahhahha

Having quite a raincloud day …can I vent?

I hate on top of it moms …I am so far NOT on top it that I am sideways and hanging on for dear life  …last week I forgot to put shoes on ..I had slippers on …but shoes ya totally spaced ..guess I thought since there was something covering my feet I did not need to check …no no I wish I was joking …I forgot to turn in Max’s rootbeer float order so next week he will be the only kid in his class without a rootbeer float ..yep I will be guilt buying shit for Max for the next two weeks ..I bought Max a pair of uniform pants and they were missing a button ..this was Max’s only clean pair of uniform pants so he had to wear freshly dryer ironed dirty pants to school -yep on  a day Chris was talking him so ofcourse they both hated me ..and did I tell you this all came to light at 630 AM before leaving for a 12 hour shift ( can you hear the violins ?? ) Anywho I really could go on and on however its unnecessary and IF you are an on top of it mom hats off and please move in ..

I am not happy …. I stepped on glass last night because apparently Chris broke a salsa jar and was in such a hurry ( to FUCKING FISH BTW ) he forgot to clean it up all the way …the discovery came as I stepped on the glass in the kitchen while unloading the dish washer that Chris “did not have time to do ” ( IN SIX FUCKING HOURS )


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I hate everything about this women ..LMAO ( I may or may not kidding )


I am having a fat month ..yep everyday all day ..I want to smash all mirrors like a lunatic..AND SO HELP ME GOD IF CHRIS SAYS well then exercise there will be a new found spot for my weights and he will never sit again.

I miss Dave …like alot ..wont see him until Christmas 😦 I get jumpy and sad if it goes too long without seeing him ..and then I HATE myself for that ..jesus cut the cord ..fuck it might as well just wrap that shit around me and be done fighting !

Well I am happy sunshine ..anyone else have a fuck it I’m done day ?? And still be expected to continue ?? Tricks or secrets for feeling better ?? AND no unfortunately joints/shots are out if the question….I am up to a gallon of water and took some magnesium ..


( she throws the mic down and saunters off stage ) IM OUT !!


OHH Sunday

Oh Sunday you rascal !!

So quiet and beautiful  …so much so I did not wake early to exercise ..make my lunch .. unload the dishwasher and check emails ..so I was running late to work ..said screw the dishwasher (this will be awful when I get home ) used Max’s quarters to buy Starbucks on the way and did my makeup in the car ..checked emails once here at work …and am trying to piece together food  for breakfast …future lunch and dinner .. not sure how many cans of soup one should consume in 13 hours  ..BUT anywho ..

I DID have three days off last week and had some cool highlights ..

1. Friday Max’s school was closed ..yep COMPLETELY forgot …we got to school only to discover YEP closed that day -I had nothing really planned so it really was not a big deal ..PLUS I was able to put off cleaning to play with Max out doors ..and get this when we are indoors he LOVES cleaning ..LIKE loves to vacuum.. dust ..wipe counters ..he does not like to fold clothes anymore ( BUMMER ) Is Max “good ” at cleaning ?? Well I can tell you this …he uses WAYY to much cleaning product ..way too many wipes….the carpet barely looks done except in certain OVER done spots ..do I care ??? Not even a little bit ….its so nice to have help !! and PLUS WTF ..its is clean after all !! There must have been a time when I was picky and this would irritate me and seem like more work than necessary to allow the kiddo to clean ..this is NOT the time ..while Max cleaned I did my nails ..YES ..picture that !! IT was FABULOUS!! NOW when we were outdoors….

10711064_10203108979985608_3819959998755710999_n (2)beautiful day and buddy !

2. I had dinner with a friend/potential boss and got a cool recipe I tried ..

Mayo/ranch chicken :

4 boneless chicken breasts ..brush over with mayo ( I used too much )

Sprinkle ranch packet..enough to coat I used two ..( I also added garlic salt )

bake 350 30 mins ..SO SO SO good ..

I served with brussels sprouts and garlic parmesan noddles ( from a box-yes dont judge ) 

So easy and good ..chicken was PERFECTLY juicy ..

3. I found a new show on Netflix called The Fosters its a good one check it out .

4. Made more plans for  Halloween this year ! Max and I will be going to the cousins house in the Springs ..and staying the night 🙂 I will be making/bringing :




Max is gonna be Iron Man ..

Dave is looking for costume ideas ..so I sent him these …

dave 3 10745116_10203083999961123_1828281132_n dave2 dave1

I am hoping for the Hooters girl but who knows !!

I am gonna to be Steph the good witch – I am daily anyways so this is easy  -HAHHAHHA HEEEEE HEEEEE!!

This upcoming week :

Chris and I would like to try a week long detox together .. any suggestions are appreciated …SPECIFICALLY

A. How to survive a week long detox with your spouse.

B .What brand is good and not a total “hoax ” and expensive as hell 🙂

Thanks in advance ..

I am signing up Max for music lessons ..not sure if guitar or piano ..BUT lessons for sure!

Hope everyone has a great week ….

Some funnies :

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