Playing Pretend

Max is not the only one that can play pretend ( BTW yesterday his mattress was an airplane flying to California followed by a soccer field -yep I allow my child to kick a ball on his bed -I really am impressed with Max’s imagination and inspired to ..)

SOOOO in playing adult pretend here is what I came up with :

I am a millionaire …no fuck that billionaire …

I would buy:

an espresso machine

all organic food ( the expensive kind Whole Foods ) and CHEESE the really really expensive kind …

A boat ( to live on )

A house in  Monterey Ca


and Greece

My family and extended family …  homes ( of their choice )

I would hire:

A maid …a live in one that enjoys cooking and teaches the kids a different language…and can sing ‘The Hills are Alive’

A personal trainer ..male …age 26 …(hey it’s my $$) with a big ….HEART HEART

A personal chef

(these answers all seem boring and cliche..)

I would start a college fund for the kids and nieces and nephews and friends kiddos …is it FAR too hard to go to college these days ..

Would I travel ?? HELL YA !! For one year …like all over Europe, Australia , Africa -ofcourse we would take the kids ..Max would have a private teacher and Dave could get college classes along the way ..


I am a super hero …

My powers ??

doing two things at once ..

-laundry and exercise

-or cocktails and unloading dishwasher

WAIT ..I forgot I have a maid ..( see billionaire pretend game )

-so cocktails and exercise ??

-Bathing kiddos and playing on Facebook ( oh wait I do this )


NEVER MIND don’t want a super power ..HAHHAHA ..

I must not have a very good imagination cuz really being rich is all I keep going back to ..

IF YOU could play pretend what would do/be ??

Interested in feedback ..

UPDATES on the kiddos :

-Dave is living in San Diego with Grandpa …waiting on a test date and EMT job 🙂 In the mean time has applied at Trader Joes, Starbucks, the Hilton in Carlsbad and some surf shop ( I forget name ) ..fingers crossed ..OH and my dad keeps saying his room is clean and he is organized ..YUMM WHAT ?? My cubano is a changin’ …I miss him alot lately ..In fact I am a little misty eyed writing this …maybe he will come out for Thanksgiving ??

-Max a roo starts Flag football this weekend ( actually today) It’s every Sunday ..and I work :(. Chris has promised to send pics …and no I am not snack mom or any “mom ” thing of his team …I’m a little bummed about that ..Chris and Max are not !! 🙂

Updates on Me :

-My car is on its last legs is hoping it can be fixed under a million dollars …

-I am attempting to get a second job on my days off .. …I too applied at Trader Joes and Starbucks (like Dave) so we shall see who gets a call back !! 🙂

Update on Chris 

-The company (we both) work for is slowly but surely going under…it is a small company so it’s the risk you take. Chris is currently applying other places and with one year as a Captain he has a solid resume.. please keep us in your “happy ” thoughts …

Have a wonderful week everyone !!

Made me laugh 🙂



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