Sundays seem to be my blog day soooo for a lark ..

Check out this : If you only see one look at number 7..I literally laughed out loud …

Our buddies fly in this week 🙂 YAYYAYA they stay for many many days ! SO SO SO SO excited !! The female buddy has one request ” to see the stars in the mountains ” and the male you ask ? “To see the Coors brewery ” HAHH Oh well two things I can promise : -Sober will become a relative word AND Colorado may not be ready for all four Cali’s together ! (Max may be required to do some growing up this week as well-sober driver anyone ?)

Max a roo starts flag football !! Max a roo starts flag football !! Max a roo starts flag football !! Soooo excited to be doing this again -and no I am not team mom, snack mom or any version of this (as of now). I work on Sundays when his game and practices are so Chris will be taking-and yes I tried to get him to sign up for something can do hahahaha.

Dave has had a slight change of course per say and will be moving back to San Diego to work as an EMT and apply to fire academy .. so all SD friends hit him up !! You can find him in the water or call 911 🙂 Hee-Hee.

I need two things :

Help tweezing my eyebrows and a really good cupcake recipe ..may sound like a Lifetime movie BUT I really do need advice/help with both.

Nope I did not make homemade cheese crackers BUT I did try my hand at bread ..easy and good ! Will do again ..need to get a bread shaped pan so that it comes out loaf like ..not an oval 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !




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