“You cannot make this s#it up” Wednesday

Hello Wednesday ( ITS MY FRIDAY !! )

Stuff I found/saw around that I swear you could not make up


From Yahoo news subject reads  : How does a police department lose a Humvee ?

An ad from yahoo ( what up yahoo ?? )



Email Subject :

 Is Your Ice Cream Killing You?




On Facebook :


10592702_10152220384161852_4623078295490260623_n (2)

10613012_947256765301567_631459626910737264_n (2)





These are real animals ….let that sink in 




FUNNY HEADLINES : ( I goggled funny headlines a couple days ago ..I needed a laugh and i was having a bad day-cracked me up .. last one is my fav )







I did find some truths too :

10672377_10154583648650644_7314944842038820562_n (2)




and on a personal note :

Max has decided he would like to spell his name with two xx’s Maxx -he insisted.

When explained you can write that way at home BUT at school you need to spell it correctly so the teachers knows who you are:

Max; Then lets change it with the teacher

Me; Cannot kiddo -its on your birth certificate that way ( insert lengthy discussion as to why a birth certificate cannot be changed )

Max: ( under his breath ) well I know the first rule I am making when I am king

Me: What’s that Simba ( thinking I am funny as hell I laughed )

Max: I dont know why you are laughing. You are mad about adding an x to my name and you cannot remember mine ” hunny ” “sweetie ” now SIMBA ?? !! ??



ANYWAYS have a wonderful week everyone !





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