Playing Pretend

Max is not the only one that can play pretend ( BTW yesterday his mattress was an airplane flying to California followed by a soccer field -yep I allow my child to kick a ball on his bed -I really am impressed with Max’s imagination and inspired to ..)

SOOOO in playing adult pretend here is what I came up with :

I am a millionaire …no fuck that billionaire …

I would buy:

an espresso machine

all organic food ( the expensive kind Whole Foods ) and CHEESE the really really expensive kind …

A boat ( to live on )

A house in  Monterey Ca


and Greece

My family and extended family …  homes ( of their choice )

I would hire:

A maid …a live in one that enjoys cooking and teaches the kids a different language…and can sing ‘The Hills are Alive’

A personal trainer ..male …age 26 …(hey it’s my $$) with a big ….HEART HEART

A personal chef

(these answers all seem boring and cliche..)

I would start a college fund for the kids and nieces and nephews and friends kiddos …is it FAR too hard to go to college these days ..

Would I travel ?? HELL YA !! For one year …like all over Europe, Australia , Africa -ofcourse we would take the kids ..Max would have a private teacher and Dave could get college classes along the way ..


I am a super hero …

My powers ??

doing two things at once ..

-laundry and exercise

-or cocktails and unloading dishwasher

WAIT ..I forgot I have a maid ..( see billionaire pretend game )

-so cocktails and exercise ??

-Bathing kiddos and playing on Facebook ( oh wait I do this )


NEVER MIND don’t want a super power ..HAHHAHA ..

I must not have a very good imagination cuz really being rich is all I keep going back to ..

IF YOU could play pretend what would do/be ??

Interested in feedback ..

UPDATES on the kiddos :

-Dave is living in San Diego with Grandpa …waiting on a test date and EMT job 🙂 In the mean time has applied at Trader Joes, Starbucks, the Hilton in Carlsbad and some surf shop ( I forget name ) ..fingers crossed ..OH and my dad keeps saying his room is clean and he is organized ..YUMM WHAT ?? My cubano is a changin’ …I miss him alot lately ..In fact I am a little misty eyed writing this …maybe he will come out for Thanksgiving ??

-Max a roo starts Flag football this weekend ( actually today) It’s every Sunday ..and I work :(. Chris has promised to send pics …and no I am not snack mom or any “mom ” thing of his team …I’m a little bummed about that ..Chris and Max are not !! 🙂

Updates on Me :

-My car is on its last legs is hoping it can be fixed under a million dollars …

-I am attempting to get a second job on my days off .. …I too applied at Trader Joes and Starbucks (like Dave) so we shall see who gets a call back !! 🙂

Update on Chris 

-The company (we both) work for is slowly but surely going under…it is a small company so it’s the risk you take. Chris is currently applying other places and with one year as a Captain he has a solid resume.. please keep us in your “happy ” thoughts …

Have a wonderful week everyone !!

Made me laugh 🙂




Sundays seem to be my blog day soooo for a lark ..

Check out this : If you only see one look at number 7..I literally laughed out loud …

Our buddies fly in this week 🙂 YAYYAYA they stay for many many days ! SO SO SO SO excited !! The female buddy has one request ” to see the stars in the mountains ” and the male you ask ? “To see the Coors brewery ” HAHH Oh well two things I can promise : -Sober will become a relative word AND Colorado may not be ready for all four Cali’s together ! (Max may be required to do some growing up this week as well-sober driver anyone ?)

Max a roo starts flag football !! Max a roo starts flag football !! Max a roo starts flag football !! Soooo excited to be doing this again -and no I am not team mom, snack mom or any version of this (as of now). I work on Sundays when his game and practices are so Chris will be taking-and yes I tried to get him to sign up for something can do hahahaha.

Dave has had a slight change of course per say and will be moving back to San Diego to work as an EMT and apply to fire academy .. so all SD friends hit him up !! You can find him in the water or call 911 🙂 Hee-Hee.

I need two things :

Help tweezing my eyebrows and a really good cupcake recipe ..may sound like a Lifetime movie BUT I really do need advice/help with both.

Nope I did not make homemade cheese crackers BUT I did try my hand at bread ..easy and good ! Will do again ..need to get a bread shaped pan so that it comes out loaf like ..not an oval 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !



“You cannot make this s#it up” Wednesday

Hello Wednesday ( ITS MY FRIDAY !! )

Stuff I found/saw around that I swear you could not make up


From Yahoo news subject reads  : How does a police department lose a Humvee ?

An ad from yahoo ( what up yahoo ?? )



Email Subject :

 Is Your Ice Cream Killing You?




On Facebook :


10592702_10152220384161852_4623078295490260623_n (2)

10613012_947256765301567_631459626910737264_n (2)





These are real animals ….let that sink in 




FUNNY HEADLINES : ( I goggled funny headlines a couple days ago ..I needed a laugh and i was having a bad day-cracked me up .. last one is my fav )







I did find some truths too :

10672377_10154583648650644_7314944842038820562_n (2)




and on a personal note :

Max has decided he would like to spell his name with two xx’s Maxx -he insisted.

When explained you can write that way at home BUT at school you need to spell it correctly so the teachers knows who you are:

Max; Then lets change it with the teacher

Me; Cannot kiddo -its on your birth certificate that way ( insert lengthy discussion as to why a birth certificate cannot be changed )

Max: ( under his breath ) well I know the first rule I am making when I am king

Me: What’s that Simba ( thinking I am funny as hell I laughed )

Max: I dont know why you are laughing. You are mad about adding an x to my name and you cannot remember mine ” hunny ” “sweetie ” now SIMBA ?? !! ??



ANYWAYS have a wonderful week everyone !