The great big Kindergartener

Kindergarten ROCKS !! and let me tell you why …

1.Max is not only determined to do more on his own “because I am a Kindergartner” BUT the stuff he is choosing to do is fabulous -put dirty clothes in hamper -brush teeth before being asked -clear, rinse and put dishes in the dishwasher -tie shoes-whistle and snap ..David ( GOD LOVE YOU SON ) still hasn’t grasped some of these concepts we are all in awe.

2.Max ZIPS out of bed to get to school ..cannot wait  to eat breakfast and get ready-he also is now making his own lunches yes this includes sandwiches.


3. Max  loves to choose his clothes ( it’s uniform attire so its a win for all ) and INSISTS that a belt needs to be worn at all times and pants should be hiked to the nipples or barely below ..( this is sorta of a negative here’s hoping we grow out of this look or else middle school might be rough )

4. Max is tired and falls asleep around 7:30-8:00 ( WHATTTT ??? YOU SAY -YES YES YES THIS IS TRUE )

5. Max loves chapel day and brings his chapel buddy flowers ( it’s a young man and he is VERY polite about it hahha) I told Max next chapel we sneak in cookies ..

Will this last ?? Not a clue but we are riding this wave as long as it takes us 🙂 

Max’s first day :



as for the rest of us :

Chris has been leading a rough life 


I have been on a strict diet :


and Davey -well I wish I had pictures BUT he is back in Santa Barbara ..looking for work ..going to school and surfing ( hard life if you ask him hahha ) 

Happy Sunday and hope everyone has a nice lonnnggg weekend !! 






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