My Monkeys are on the loose and may be stoned

Ok so my two children are all about weed ( ironically enough not about using it but about knowledge )

Yes I am a wonderful mother why do you ask ?

So it must be in the air (maybe literally) this week ..ill start with Dave :


Dave : Hey mom do you still like Weeds ? ( the show)

Me : no you were right ..lame after season two ..

Dave: But she makes good money ..

Me: I know should I grow and sell ?? Its legal here so why would anyone buy it from me ?

Dave: (taking a deep breath ) ..well no taxes PLUS you could make your own edibles etc….

he went on and on about profits and how one plant makes this amount ( he knew grams etc )

Me : Dave have you considered doing this ?

Dave : No mom but it’s simple marketing ..

OK two things crossed my mind: ONE IF i ever sell weed I’m seeking my 19 year old sons advice (just clinched my shot at mother of the year) and two why the hell aren’t you going for a marketing degree ??

and now Max ( yep my five year old )

So eating while sharing ( yes sharing we are weird ) a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs last night max turns to me :

Max: Does dad smoke pot (I was equally shocked by question as I was that he used the word pot )

Me: NO Max pot is a drug and we dont do drugs.

Max:(smiling ) yes he does .

Me; max No he doesnt and that is VERY bad to say about your dad.

Max: Ill show you.

Me: Ok ..(all time has stopped for me at this point)

Max walks into our room opens a drawer we have and pulls out a tobacco pipe .

(Laughing )

Me: Max that is a pipe to smoke tobacco

Max : what’s tobacco ? ( ok you know what weed or POT is but not tobacco )

The convo went on as I explained tobacco , weed and pipes …

then curious

Me : Max how do you know you smoke pot of of a pipe ?

Max: Family Guy …

Just so you know those PBS specials have nothing on my house “as in what no to do to ensure your kids wont do drugs ”

( does that even make sense ? )


ANYWAYS Happy Sunday !










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