Back for the moment …

well well it has been awhile ..

Went to Cali to celebrate Dave’s b-day ….god I love that kid !! All 160 pounds of messy , unorganized , silly , personable, stubborn, kind , generousness, the least morning person I have ever met ..of him !! He makes me happy just being around him ..(absence does make the heart grow fonder ) 

Came back to a whirlwind of changes …new ass it’s hard and scary and whine whine whine ..and not the fun ( wine ) kind ..oh well HOPEFULLY gets better ..any advice on working 12 hour shifts is appreciated ..its hard to be away from the house and Max that long ( control issues much ?? ) I was TOTALLY unprepared for how little time I was able to do my normal day to day activities ( hence why the washing machine and the carpet are threatening to leave..and I found my tomato plant bathing in the tub…. ) so if you ever trip and fall and bump your head HARD and find yourself working 12 hours please remember two things I was caught off guard with ..1.12 hours really means 13 or 14 ( with overtime ) and 2.your son when left alone for long periods with your hubby will learn pong ..spoons to eat hot dogs with no hands and not choke ..and be brave enough to learn to swim without floaties ( yay Max ) 

Max starts school August 12th WTF ?? That’s not September ..mind you I have been on 3 diff school orientations I AM THE DAMN SECRETARY OF THE PTA OF HIS SCHOOL and I had NO IDEA it started this early. Blocked out info ?? maybe ..BUT definitely not now the race starts..find school clothes ( he has to wear “uniform” so its pretty easy right ? ) everything has to be purchased as Max owns ZERO dockers and even less to none solid color polos .. PLUS school supplies complaining kiddos need things for good education however while reading through I see 12..yes 12 glue sticks …LMAO kindergarten one can only imagine what is happening here ..anywho so I must prepare ( $$ and time wise ) ohh and his tution is due one month earlier also yes you are right I will be selling my body or robbing a convenient store all in the name of paying for my sons private education to teach him values and morals ..moving right along .. 

Chris would like to do the following in all “his” ( my) spare time 

  • Get a puppy ( cuz we are clearly doing a great job at raising max -he dropped the f bomb to his transformer yesterday day and wants a “tramp stamp ” when he gets older …of a wolf ..yep a wolf like the kind screened on a t-shirt that says I visited New Mexico) oh and chris adds it will “easy to potty train since we are always home ” UMM WHAT ?? 


  • Go camping its free …it may be “free ” HOWEVER I have to get time off work ( new job we all get that right ? ) pack ..take Max out of school ..pack again (and over chris while he yells we have too much shit )…as Chris will have forgotten important camping “gear ” like sunblock …baby wipes..paper towels and wine .. 


  • Clean carpets and couch ….this is GREAT in theory BUT let me give you the back story …about 6 months ago Chris bought a carpet clean machine …I thought he wasted his money on this and was upset ( rightfully so it has been used ONCE and uses an entire bottle of special detergent ) anyways …this would take a day and it would have to dry his solution??? Do it over three days ..AGAIN great in theory however Chris cannot even finish the dishes so his track record of following through with long term tasks is not good. This means he will start this messy , wet project on day one and MAYBE attempt on day two ..however it will never be finished leaving it to me to run this damn machine or live with a half clean couch and carpet ,,the other half even more glaringly looking like a toddler’s crayon experiment …

So as you can see I am up to my eyeballs in Chris mess-Max sillyness and my work drama ..
FUN TIMES !! hee-hee BUT to be honest I would have it no other way ..I am proud that I havent given up on my job …911 dispatch is NO JOKE …I am stocked that Chris atleast has dreams ( or goals ?? ) and Max a roo with his f-bomb dropping, tramp stamp loving self I ADORE that kid and he is still my partner in crime !

I miss Dave alot what a nice time though to see him ..Marina is in Thailand then on to Europe for the summer so here is hopeing they stay together come September hahhaha  🙂 you all !! 

Loving texts , messages, emails are appreciated especially during work hours ..I could REALLY use a smile !! 





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