WTF Wednesday



Wednesday …

This came over my FB page with caption “take a moment to breath ” ( is it just me or is this horse vomiting ?? )



This is someone’s-A FRIEND TO BOOT- actual FB post :

“On any given day, I don’t feel accomplished unless I’ve violated the prime directive at least once.”

Maybe it’s something I am not getting ??


This happened this morning :

Max :Hey mom I have a surprise for you.

Me: YAYAYYA what is it ?

Max : Go look at your plants.

Me : what I saw …


Me :Thanks Max ! I love it can I take a picture ?

Max: I guess but just so you know I only wore it once on my butt



Ok am I a dummy ?? I don’t get this :



  • I took Ambien …I took Ambien ..I took Ambien ..I dont take fucking Tylenol and I took Ambien ..
  • CHANGED -MY-LIFE ..I am NOT exaggerating when I say this …I haven’t slept like that since was a teenager ..( lets be honest EVER ) For those like me ( poor Dave ) who don’t EVER ( drunk even)  sleep through the night this is your new best friend ..I have been put under once for surgery and it was like that to find it without a prescription ..LMAO ..






For you Cab Lovers : this is not a WTF -this is reality..



WTF Headlines :

  • Ovary Removal Turns Into Surprise C-Section For 9-Pound Baby
  • Possible monkey seen outside Highlands Ranch theatre: 9NEWS talked to the Douglas County Regional Dispatch Center, and dispatchers did confirm receiving a call about a monkey in that area. Officers did not find a monkey when they investigated.




Animal Abuse ?


Well that’s all for now 🙂

Peace out loves :









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