Monday =well Monday …

So lets talk money because that is not awkward or anything ….


SO my boss informed me the company is closing June 30th ..HMM

Putting my resume out there -Check

Calling “clients ” I have worked with ..Check

BUT WOW a month …I should find a job by then right ?

(Any tips etc appreciated.)


How do I save in the mean time ?

OH i have no idea …I have cut my grocery bill ( see WAY previous blogs ) to $60 a week ..this is a lie a BIG fat one .YES it is one big trip of $60.00 BUT I shop here and there thru the week ..

I will try to find a job that works around or close to Max’s school hours -when he starts Kindergarten he will be full day YAYYYAYYA!

I will grow my own food ? Make my own laundry soap ? Ride my bike to work ? LMAO lets all find those ideas amusing !!

Anyway I WILL NOT BREAK OR FALTER from optimism..that being said anyone have some tips etc for living on a tighter budget?

Thanks and OHH if you get a call regarding a reference ..yes i did that to you …and  yes you must lie and say you LOVED working with me ! hee-hee


This works right ?









2 thoughts on “Monday =well Monday …

    • oh thats ok ..I am optimistic …if this move to CO has taught me anything its everything works out in time 🙂 and stressing does zero to help ..also YAYYAYYA for a month to find work !! How luck am I ?? Most dont even have a week !!

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