WTF Wednesday



Wednesday …

This came over my FB page with caption “take a moment to breath ” ( is it just me or is this horse vomiting ?? )



This is someone’s-A FRIEND TO BOOT- actual FB post :

“On any given day, I don’t feel accomplished unless I’ve violated the prime directive at least once.”

Maybe it’s something I am not getting ??


This happened this morning :

Max :Hey mom I have a surprise for you.

Me: YAYAYYA what is it ?

Max : Go look at your plants.

Me : what I saw …


Me :Thanks Max ! I love it can I take a picture ?

Max: I guess but just so you know I only wore it once on my butt



Ok am I a dummy ?? I don’t get this :



  • I took Ambien …I took Ambien ..I took Ambien ..I dont take fucking Tylenol and I took Ambien ..
  • CHANGED -MY-LIFE ..I am NOT exaggerating when I say this …I haven’t slept like that since was a teenager ..( lets be honest EVER ) For those like me ( poor Dave ) who don’t EVER ( drunk even)  sleep through the night this is your new best friend ..I have been put under once for surgery and it was like that to find it without a prescription ..LMAO ..






For you Cab Lovers : this is not a WTF -this is reality..



WTF Headlines :

  • Ovary Removal Turns Into Surprise C-Section For 9-Pound Baby
  • Possible monkey seen outside Highlands Ranch theatre: 9NEWS talked to the Douglas County Regional Dispatch Center, and dispatchers did confirm receiving a call about a monkey in that area. Officers did not find a monkey when they investigated.




Animal Abuse ?


Well that’s all for now 🙂

Peace out loves :









There is such thing as too much coffee

There is such thing as too much coffee #scrapemeoffthe ceiling#toomuchfunonpinterest#caffeineequalscrack

I have cut my coffee daily intake in half ..actually MORE than half over the last month or so went back to my regular dosage ..( yes like a drug addict ) and I AM FLYING !! Pinterest….Wordpress ..Facebook….Craigslist ..clicking thru like a fucking crack head at 3AM ..yes I will soon start the cleaning my desk phase ..followed by the I Am coming down from caffeine hide and save yourself ..

Random :

Max :  ( I posted this on FB you may have seen )

Max: Remember how you said you wanted to go to a padres game ?
Max: Well I have a car we can use ..(a Padres hot wheel )
Me: Great ..when do we leave ?
Max: When Marina gets home with Dave
Me: By the time we get there she might be home
Max: You cannot take chances with women mom..they are slippery suckers..
UMM WHAT?? No more fishing trips with daddy.


Mornings with Max :

Max LOVES his skateboard ..and he is clearly my second kiddo..where David had every safety  gadget short of bubble wrap on before he even LOOKED at the skateboard Max “rides ” with a helmet that may or may not be too big 🙂 ( he really hasnt picked up speed I promise )



Davey  :

“Home”from college for the summer ..Dave has two job opportunities -one at Legoland and one at Dairy Queen in Encinitas -Ill keep you posted  as to which one he chooses so you can go “visit ” ( make fun of his outfit ) him.

He also takes his National Registry test this month ..for EMT so please keep him ( his mother ) in your thoughts!

OHH and fun times ..Dave has “requested” when I call him I dont ask the same questions in his words “spice it up a little ” ” think outside the box ” He told me this in his “sweet ” voice and “half way ” teasing -however being no dummy he is asking me to stop being that annoying mom it ..ill do my best ( after I rip out my uterus where every maternal instinct lives-no I didnt tell him that ) ANYWHO miss Dave ( brat and all )  and hope to see him this summer !

Steph :

I have decided to freelance my bookkeeping skills as a side job ( HOPEFULLY turns into my only job )

SOO if anyone knows of anyone needing Invoicing/Quickbooks/ADP payroll help let me know …I can do some things remotely so even small businesses in Cali I can help ( SPREAD THE WORD NO PRESSURE hee-hee )

My goal is 6 clients ( once a week ) here’s hoping ..



Chris is FINALLY going camping !! YAYYAYA- for Fathers day ! With two of his good buddies out here ..they are taking him! I am so stoked for him ..Max and I will prob not go .. they have the site Sun-Mon and I work on Monday ! They can fish there and all !! And drink and relax..wait a  minute let me re-think not going …


FUNNIES ?? Why ofcourse !



dave and holly


and yes some truth ..I am off to have some ya ya coffee 🙂












Monday =well Monday …

So lets talk money because that is not awkward or anything ….


SO my boss informed me the company is closing June 30th ..HMM

Putting my resume out there -Check

Calling “clients ” I have worked with ..Check

BUT WOW a month …I should find a job by then right ?

(Any tips etc appreciated.)


How do I save in the mean time ?

OH i have no idea …I have cut my grocery bill ( see WAY previous blogs ) to $60 a week ..this is a lie a BIG fat one .YES it is one big trip of $60.00 BUT I shop here and there thru the week ..

I will try to find a job that works around or close to Max’s school hours -when he starts Kindergarten he will be full day YAYYYAYYA!

I will grow my own food ? Make my own laundry soap ? Ride my bike to work ? LMAO lets all find those ideas amusing !!

Anyway I WILL NOT BREAK OR FALTER from optimism..that being said anyone have some tips etc for living on a tighter budget?

Thanks and OHH if you get a call regarding a reference ..yes i did that to you …and  yes you must lie and say you LOVED working with me ! hee-hee


This works right ?