Can you tell me how to get back to Sesame Street ?

I love Sesame Street -always have always will -Max is outgrowing ( per Max style ) and now its a fight to get him to watch ..really any kid shows now that he is “5 and a big kid ” SIGH my last kiddo and he now hates all kid shows ..let’s be honest Max has wanted to be a teenager since he was born (look at his ideal) ! He picks out his own clothes …refuses help when getting in the car ..packs his own lunch ( ok this is a VERY broad statement ) packs his own backpack now “in charge ” of getting the drinks with dinner ( self -appointed) and he puts his own clean clothes away ..sound like heaven ?? well no its not ..most of these require about 10 extra mins of my time for his Independence AND i have no more baby..toddler ..or even needy “kindergartner ” the preschool director told the kindergarten teacher at Max’s school when asked if Max was ready for Kindergarten ..”I cannot imagine Max not going to kindergarten this year …it would be like stopping the wind heck he could have gone last year  ” LMAO I am BY no means saying Max is some kind of genius ( and honestly neither was she ) He is just the type of kid that moves ( literally and figuratively ) faster than his birth years ..Did I tell u he is riding a bike with no training wheels and can tie his own shoes ??  ?? ANYWAYS this is not about how advanced I THINK my kid is ..the tone of this post took a horrid twist …. my point IS this :

My Sesame Street days are over ..I will never again watch a little one slurp up the last of his cereal while singing with Elmo …AND that got me thinking ..I watched Sesame Street -Mr Hooper anyone ? Dave watched Sesame Street -they had just come out with the deaf Muppet. Max watched Sesame street -ELMO ELMO ELMO ..

Over decades I MUST Have learned so much from Jim Henson and staff…and yes sir I have : 

Five things I Stephanie Droegemueller have learned over the past ..umm..30 years From Sesame Street :

1. Don’t hang around the grouch in the trash can ..he smells and will just make ya bummed ..besides HE always gets the life lesson and feels better while you are still trying to weed through the trash he left ! 

2.Paperclips make a totally acceptable collection-cheap btw -and let me tell you something universal as hell ..( I so identify with Bert’s practical side ) 

3. Friends come in all shapes and sizes NOT just multi-colors..yes yes we all know the lesson of Black-Chinese-White we are all equal ..BUT did u notice Gonzo ..??( big nose ) Big Bird?? ( freakishly tall ) Ernie ?? (head shape ?? ) So the next time u r hanging with a Jewish ,kareem aldo ja barr with a football shaped head remember you learned this kind of tolerance through one Saturday AM PBS show.

4.There’s one in every crowd ..and you will learn to love them (so long as you dont  A. have to parent them and B .Have to spend more than an hour with them ) That’s right I am talking about the character Animal ..or the 1970’s version of ADHD.

5.Never give up on your dreams- even if others cannot see them or doubt you .. 



So long 


Thx for the memories …lessons …and quiet reflection you inspired today ..

and now on a happy note guess what we start next week ????? 

yes you guessed it T-BALLLLLLLLL !! YAYYAYYAYYAYAYYAYA and yes yes I will sign up for team mom ..or snack mom or who the hell else knows cuz DAMN IT MAX YOU ARE ONLY 5 …and I still have some years of parenting left !! hee-hee 

Some Wednesday ADULT funnies (do not open pics at work )  as we part …



What do you get when you put 50 lawyers in a room with 50 lesbians? 

One hundred people who don’t do dick.















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