On the wagon and finding a smile …

So I am on the wagon for a couple months ūüôā June 15th to be exact .

Nothing fun about that ..(I now want red wine ……for breakfast ) Vitamin B-12 Has been a life saver ..I am drinking less coffee and have WAY more motivation.

Out of boredom OR Necessity I have done some research I call it my Happiness Project – it was called FUCK THIS SHIT -but I changed it to a more positive name.

Here is some advice I found and will try:

 Enjoy an afternoon tea. There is good reason some of the most advanced societies in our world take time for afternoon tea. Along with some health benefits, afternoon tea relaxes our mind, replenishes our spirit, and nurtures our soul. No wonder it continues to be one of our longest-lasting memories of experiencing different cultures. We would be wise to embrace some of its routine in our daily schedule.

Set Goals.¬†I ordered a book online and will be a certified Preschool teacher ( hopefully ) in 4 months …

Drink lots of water. ¬†I drink too much so I¬†had to cut back ….( insert headaches here ) BUT its getting better and I have discovered lime water !! YUMMOOO !!

Daily workouts. ( Who the hell am I kidding this may or may not happen ) I have been sleeping in my work out clothes as motivation to work out daily in the AM -NO its not working BUT ill keep trying ..workout clothes ARE comfy !

Laugh. I do this daily -I have a Max and a Dave ..BUT i have decided to check pinterest or other sites every AM to get a laugh ..My hubby sent me this :


 PLEASE I AM begging you to read this blog !! HYSTERICAL :


Wake 15 minutes earlier. Many of our days begin at breakneck speed. We wake with just enough time on the clock to get ready, quickly eat breakfast, and catch the next bus in time. Or we wake and are immediately placed into the throes of life trying to get kids, spouses, and ourselves ready for the day. Meanwhile, the full brunt of the day has yet to even begin. Find some extra space by waking on your own terms, even for just 15 minutes. You will find peace and calm there. And for the next 23 hours, you’ll be glad you did.NOPE NOT GONNA 5 AM Is early enough !! hee-hee ok MAYBE 4:45?? 

This is a quote from AA of all places BUT I LIKE IT ! … “We only have today.¬† And what we use it for matters.¬† I choose to use it for good.¬† I hope I make the same choice tomorrow. “

And if I ever lose sight …Channel an inner asshole ..

good lord


OR inner hippee

vague blog

I have heard reading is good …..sometimes tough with my life but little by little ..

Anyone wanna share a happy secret ?

Or a way to not fantasize about wine ?

Either way hoping to hear from ya !









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