And then there was Buggy …

( For those that dont know that is Max’s nickname )

Max turns 5 today ..

WOW I have a five year old …AND he is the last in our once triangle now perfect square family !

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we ?

Max’s birth was a tricky one ..emergency C-section and a near death experience ( for me due to reaction to medication ) but he came out ready to take on the world ! Chris was the first to hold Max and they both cried ! I was not doing so good ( reaction to meds ) so it was about an hour before I could see Max ..longest hour of my life ..anywho when I did meet Max it was like holding the brightest rainbow ..he was so alive , wiggly and alert !! Honestly it was like I wanted to be a part of him immediately !

As an infant Max was demanding , very social , loved music , hated car rides and had some tummy issues that needed to be worked out with diff formulas ( BTW I am pretty sure Max’s formula costs that first year trump Dave’s college expenses BUT it worked and his tummy issues were gone ) He was alert and curious and did everything fast and loud ! Oh and did I tell you his day began when he saw Dave ?




Oh wait that is also him as a toddler ..where as a toddler Max used to put himself in time-out if he threw a fit hahahha..he would march right into his room after his fit !! He started loving some types of food but was still rather picky ( compared to the rest of us we eat ANYTHING really ) He did however LOVE sweet potatoes (still does) and brown rice ( again still does ). Oh and did I tell you he was madly in love with Dave ?


He went to a lovely place called Cole’s Cottage where he was spoiled rotten and absorbed everything possible. He was quite the little learner ! Max’s   love of walks and parks increased as he was able to play on more equipment the older he got ( he always wanted to do more “be a big kid ” and tended-still does -to get frustrated with limitations. )


We moved to CO in his little life time where he had to leave his idol and beloved David. I think honetly this has had more of an effect on Max then we give him credit . There is not ONE DAY that goes by where max is not talking about David and how much he misses him and how he wants to live with him makes me heart broken and happy all in one -happy that he loves his brother so much and heart broken that they could not grow up more together.


He LOVES to explore CO with me !! I absolutely admire Max’s adventuresome side …and while sometimes it takes 18 cups of coffee and a bottle of wine to keep up with Max I could not have chosen a more perfect partner to adapt to a new city with !

AND that brings us to FIVE :

Max a roo is smart , ambitious, stubborn , silly, demanding , loyal , enthusiastic ( just go to a sporting event with max ONCE in your lifetime cheerleaders have nothin’ on this child ) and most of all MINE ALL MINE !!


Buggy -you are adored beyond measure ..admired beyond belief and treasured every single second of every single day ! You complete this family perfectly !! Cannot WAIT to see what life holds for you …i know this for sure you will leap without looking, fly without directions and LOVE every second of this life because that is who you are ! Happy Birthday !









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