And I said this

Parenthood isn’t it fun ??

I hate to make this ALWAYS about my kiddos and I try not to BUT reflection is a bitch and I am living in parenting drama so join me 

OK so confession time I HAVE SAID TO MY KIDS :

To Max :

“no Peanut butter can not  be used as finger paint” 

” Acorns are not a Ballsack ” YEP ..i had to explain 

” Dogs do die kiddo but they go to heaven too cause they are family …no Max Grandma should never be called a dog”

“No Max I cannot kiss you like I kiss daddy not even when you are older ” 

” The couch DOES NOT WANT A TATTOO ” the caps?? yes I was yelling as he had a sharpee ..

To Dave :

” Hunny tell me again why do you need to be out until 4am ?”

” Wait what ?? Don’t drive alone or surf alone EVER ” This is followed by a LOOOOOONNNGGG sigh ( from Dave )

” Hunny I have been calling ” “Your phone was dead ? that’s weird it rang ..” “maybe its my phone ” I just got snowed BIG TIME 

OHHHHH and please dont make me feel alone anyone else say things they though they wouldn’t before kiddos ?

OHHH when dave was 5 maybe ..jaime h. he said what woman ?? OHH hell no ..he hid his behind ..and ran ( jaime told him to run ) LMAO 






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