Getting to know you

Sooo I have been meeting so many new people out here in Colorado ..(or the biopolar weather state) and going on so many interviews that I am becoming quite the expert on asking and answering questions to get to know someone ..

Top 5 Interview questions I have been asked : ( and my answers BECAUSE DAMN-IT YOU WANT TO KNOW 🙂 )

1. Favorite TV show and why. Golden Girls. The differences in personalities makes for an excellent comedy .

2. Two experiences that have changed your life and why. Having children-I learned what love really was . Cliche I know but this is 100 % my reality ..I had no clue what love felt like until I held my infant sons.Working at Faith Lutheran with children. I realized you can NEVER underestimate the power of little people-they will change your heart and head forever in the fact that they never really leave either place. ( I actually answered like that in the interview -i was going for a book keeping job ..LMAO ) 

3. Example of a work weakness you have and how you got over it. Filing I hate filing -however I pick one day a week same time to do filing ..this keeps me on track and accountable . ( ok again I actually said this ..holy shit my interview skills might be a tad too honest )

4.What do you bring to parties when asked to bring food ? (Ok I was asked this by a physiologist in an interview ) I said salad or chips and salsa specialties ..with a smile and a giggle…can you tell I am a tad relaxed at this point in interviews ? 

5.What is your greatest assets professionally -I am not gonna type all the diff ways I have answered this question. ( the lies change each interview 🙂 ) 

How would answer those ?? 


Top 5 meeting people ( does that make sense ?) questions I have been asked : ( and my answers BECAUSE DAMN-IT YOU WANT TO KNOW AGAIN 🙂 )

1. Why did you move to Colorado ? I used to answer honestly now I say for the weather …San Diego was just to damn cold !! -Some get it some don’t 🙂 

2. Why did you wait so long to have another child ? AGAIN I used to answer honestly now I just say god wanted to wait until i was the perfect parent to give me another -mission accomplished! Again some get it some do not ..the “nots ” I do not pursue friendship with BTW 🙂

3. Do you miss your friends and family ? Yes I really really do. I try to avoid the Dave word when answering cuz I usually get teary-eyed and then the judgement ( or cut the fucking cord ) look comes out in their eyes ..

4.What do you do when Chris is at work ?? ( referring to his weird ass hours )  After the brief “I work take care of home, explore Denver etc .etc ” explanation…I usually refer ( if Max is with me ) those questions to Max ..hahhaha-especially those who assume I am lounging around while Chris works ..Max has many fabulous explanations to that question ..all are long and require your utmost attention. 🙂

5. Wanna hang 930PM ..on a Tuesday at an overpriced bar ? GOD YES !! HELL YES BUTTTT I cannot…hahhaha actually I do get asked this I seem to make friends without kids more than I make friends that have children .. HMMM


ANYWAY-Hope all is well with everyone on this fine fine Monday …last day of March ..April is coming and you know what that means?? A spunky kiddos b-day ..5 years old ..can you believe it ?? 


Some funnies :








MY LOVIES : ( oops had to slip some kiddo pics ) 








5 thoughts on “Getting to know you

  1. Omg. The meme’s are too funny!!! Dying over the hula hoop. Hahahaha. I hate interviews…and questions in general. Some of the questions I’m like “wtf, of course ppl are going to answer this with some bs.” Especially the what is your weakness at work question. Oh…lemme see…I’m always late, want to bitch slap my co-workers and spend most of my shift on FB/Pinterest/Blogging. Yea right!! Do they think they are going to get an honest answer? Lmao

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