I too am sick of hearing myself …

Ok so I am so sick of hearing myself get on my high horse and criticize other parents ( really who the fuck am I to judge? )

HOWEVER I think we could all agree these are laughable at best and shocking at worst ..(Spaying and neutering not just for animals anymore )


DENVER – A 1-year-old child left alone inside their father’s car was taken away when it was towed.

According to Denver Police, 36-year-old Thomas Benton parked his car in the 1400 block of Corona Street in Denver on Saturday.

Police say Benton was dropping a friend off at his grandmother’s home when he went inside and left the baby asleep in the car. When Benton came back outside, after what he told officers was 10 minutes, the car was gone.

Benton’s car was parked illegally in a visitor-parking area, and police later learned it was towed. Officers tracked the car to a private tow yard and found the 1-year-old child. The baby was returned to the home of Benton’s grandmother.

Benton was charged with “wrongs to minors.” Also, he was wanted on a warrant out of Jefferson County.

At a used book store today  I found a self help book entitled ” How to Move with your Child.” I read through ..thinking MOVEMENT maybe ..exercises you can do with kids ..NO NO this is STEP-BY-STEP ( not a thin book by the way ) as to how to MOVE like move into a new home with kids …let that sink in ..someone paid PAID to be explained how to do the ACT of  moving with children.

Pregnancy Announcement: You are doing it wrong..


  • Parenting prevention is key ..just know your size !



Happy Wednesday !!


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