Happy DayLight Savings

Happy BBQ nights and warm long days ..

Happy getting home before dark and taking a nice walk ..

Happy having friends together until 8PM cause the sun is still up and beer is cold..


IN REALITY ( for the first couple “days ” …weeks ) 

Happy staying up late because you body is not tired..

Happy waking up early because the alarm clock says so ..

Happy BBQ clean up and preparing because your husband has decided to start “slowly ” at noon ( with Coors Light ofcourse ) 

Happy “Mommy I am cranky and should go to bed but its still light and I don’t understand sleep when the suns out ” I am not sure that’s what Max actually said it was more like “whine ..whine …whine , tear , whine ..whine ! 

ANYWHO !! First day is a killer …tomorrow will be brighter !





Have a wonderful week all !!




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