Weirdest Day Ever


Clues that today,Thursday the 6th is the WEIRDEST day ever..


First –Chris took Max to school -Unless Chris is off or hell as froze over Chris does not take Max to school ( to his credit he leaves before daycare at the preschool is open ) Chris had to be at work later than usual so he took him ….hmmmmm….



Then – I found an old journal yesterday and this AM it was OPEN ( YES OPEN ) to a page ..peering closer it had a phone number….an old boyfriends number old love of my life for 4 years high school sweethearts number …his parents number anyway ..did I call ???? HELL YES !! DID IT RING ?? HELL YES !! TOTAL TEASE cuz it rang once then ” we’re sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected …”  Page  was open… why ??



A while later ..I was in the grocery store ( like the regular one ) and found NECTAR NUGGETS !! These are VERY hard to find and delicious ( a carob honey “dessert ” from my childhood ) . I have ONLY found online now- they used to sell at Cassidy’s in Encinitas Dave was little. 



During the noon hour ..I walked into a Marijuana Dispensary ( it’s legal here and I HAD TO SEE ) NICEST people around working inside ..I literally spent 30 minutes learning the coolest stuff ever..its actually VERY interesting … and walked out with a ..umm ..candy bar …so first one to come visit gets it ! I am now on their email list  so subject lines coming into my yahoo just got a little more “green” so to speak !


Early afternoon ..I was eating my salad pouring salsa in it ..looked down and i had used the entire jar .. THE ENTIRE JAR ..UMMM how does one do that with a salad ??



Cannot wait to see what happens tonight ….Between dinner and laundry things might get squirrely… and who knows what kind of dessert I might have…I mean the nectar nugget of course not the candy bar …



2 thoughts on “Weirdest Day Ever

  1. Lmao at the marijuana dispensary. I was imagining you in it. Hahahahaha. Also…that salsa is bomb. They have a refrigerated version too which is sooo damn good. Haven’t tried the jar version…will keep it in mind.

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