Does it really work ?

I have a question for all y’all ..

Does this shit really work ..for anyone ..anywhere ?? CAUSE it does not for me :

Homemade laundry soap- nope….stains still there ….clothes smell like ..i dont know air ?? or air and baking soda?? Sorry environment and skin BUT I will not have my son running around in mud stained t-shirts that smell like ..mud stained t-shirts. BESIDES it takes forever to make and you have to have those giant buckets …and giant “stirrers” …

Homemade Windex ..lets just say this : My mirrors are still streaked and now i want an giant salad ..( yes vinegar is the main ingredient ) 

Homemade Child’s party decorations from Pinterest : Notice I ONLY said decorations …you CAN make goodie bags ..cakes etc. ..BUT homemade DECORATIONS like tablecloths …banners….”signs ” ..UNLESS you have the EXACT template …EXTREME printer and every shape paper and/or scissors ..this will NOT WORK and it looks like shit !! SPECIFICALLY like a kindergartner is decorating for their teddy bears “picnic party ” .Dont ask how I know this ..NOR why I now know the hours of Party City ..

Work from home and get paid : THIS MAY WORK ..if you are a psychologist and have a home office ..( you know like in the movies.. ) or you are a medical transciptor ( sp ? ) and ya know what even that sounds shady ..BUT if you do happen to fall for this deserve to pay the $7.95 a month to buy supplies needed to stuff envelopes ..and I would like to sell you my ocean front property here in Colorado  …

Sticking to a grocery Budget : In theory this works. Please do not say I am the only one that suddenly has a craving for Chinese and the spaghetti you have planned for tonight to make just wont cut it ? AM I THE ONLY ONE that has decided last minute I would like to try Aunt Helen’s recipe tonight instead of what my lovely fridge already has ( Actually its more like -shit I do not even want to boil water so I am going to pick up a roasted chicken and some microwavable rice and call it a day ..and while I am there we definatley need …) ANYWAY hats off to those “frugal frannies ”  who shop on Sunday and do not go back until the next Sunday..( DO U LIVE ALONE ?? OR LIE ?? ) I tried couldn’t pull it off ..

Forever 21 clothes after Fuck this shit im 30Fit ? And better yet if it does should you ? Stick with the earrings and costume jewelry-you are safe …sorta …


Love some feedback on things that DO or DO NOT work for you !! I know Coconut oil has been a big hit for one lady ( UMMM MISS SYLVIA ) and actually it has worked for me too ..a GREAT moisturizer and a small amount to coffee adds YUMMINESS and health …

ALSO freeze bananas in cubes for smoothies .. this actually works …


Max’s Jokes :

Knock Knock 

Who’s there ?


Boo who 

Dont cry its only a joke …

( which he then runs off laughing hysterical ..) he is VERY proud of this joke and likes to share with anyone and everyone who will listen …..(this is your warning ) 

Happy Monday everyone !







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