Getting to know you

Sooo I have been meeting so many new people out here in Colorado ..(or the biopolar weather state) and going on so many interviews that I am becoming quite the expert on asking and answering questions to get to know someone ..

Top 5 Interview questions I have been asked : ( and my answers BECAUSE DAMN-IT YOU WANT TO KNOW ūüôā )

1. Favorite TV show and why. Golden Girls. The differences in personalities makes for an excellent comedy .

2. Two experiences that have changed your life and why. Having children-I learned what love really was . Cliche I know but this is 100 % my reality ..I had no clue what love felt like until I held my infant sons.Working at Faith Lutheran with children. I realized you can NEVER underestimate the power of little people-they will change your heart and head forever in the fact that they never really leave either place. ( I actually answered like that in the interview -i was going for a book keeping job ..LMAO ) 

3. Example of a work weakness you have and how you got over it. Filing I hate filing -however I pick one day a week same time to do filing ..this keeps me on track and accountable . ( ok again I actually said this ..holy shit my interview skills might be a tad too honest )

4.What do you bring to parties when asked to bring food ? (Ok I was asked this by a physiologist in an interview ) I said salad or chips and salsa specialties ..with a smile and a giggle…can you tell I am a tad relaxed at this point in interviews ?¬†

5.What is your greatest assets professionally -I am not gonna type all the diff ways I have answered this question. ( the lies change each interview ūüôā )¬†

How would answer those ?? 


Top 5¬†meeting people ( does that make sense ?)¬†questions¬†I have been asked : ( and my answers BECAUSE DAMN-IT YOU WANT TO KNOW AGAIN ūüôā )

1. Why did you move to Colorado ? I used to answer honestly now I say for the weather …San Diego was just to damn cold !! -Some get it some don’t ūüôā¬†

2. Why did you wait so long to have another child ?¬†AGAIN I used to answer honestly now I just say god wanted to wait until i was the perfect parent to give me another -mission accomplished! Again some get it some do not ..the “nots ” I do not pursue friendship with BTW ūüôā

3. Do you miss your friends and family ? Yes I really really do. I try to avoid the Dave word when answering cuz I usually get teary-eyed and then the judgement ( or cut the fucking cord ) look comes out in their eyes ..

4.What do you do when Chris is at work ?? ( referring to his weird ass hours ) ¬†After the brief “I work take care of home, explore Denver etc .etc ” explanation…I usually refer ( if Max is with me ) those questions to Max ..hahhaha-especially those who assume I am lounging around while Chris works ..Max has many fabulous explanations to that¬†question¬†..all are long and require your utmost attention. ūüôā

5. Wanna hang 930PM ..on a Tuesday at an overpriced bar ? GOD YES !! HELL YES BUTTTT I cannot…hahhaha actually I do get asked this I seem to make¬†friends¬†without kids more than I make friends¬†that¬†have children .. HMMM


ANYWAY-Hope all is well with everyone on this fine fine Monday …last day of March ..April is coming and you know what that means?? A spunky kiddos b-day ..5 years old ..can you believe it ??¬†


Some funnies :








MY LOVIES : ( oops had to slip some kiddo pics ) 








I too am sick of hearing myself …

Ok so I am so sick of hearing myself get on my high horse and criticize other parents ( really who the fuck am I to judge? )

HOWEVER I think we could all agree these are laughable at best and shocking at worst ..(Spaying and neutering not just for animals anymore )


DENVER – A 1-year-old child left alone inside their father’s car was taken away when it was towed.

According to Denver Police, 36-year-old Thomas Benton parked his car in the 1400 block of Corona Street in Denver on Saturday.

Police say Benton was dropping a friend off at his grandmother’s home when he went inside and left the baby asleep in the car. When Benton came back outside, after what he told officers was 10 minutes, the car was gone.

Benton’s car was parked illegally in a visitor-parking area, and police later learned it was towed. Officers tracked the car to a private tow yard and found the 1-year-old child. The baby was returned to the home of Benton’s grandmother.

Benton was charged with “wrongs to minors.” Also, he was wanted on a warrant out of Jefferson County.

At a used book store today ¬†I found a self help book entitled ” How to Move with your Child.” I¬†read through ..thinking MOVEMENT maybe ..exercises you can do with kids ..NO NO this is STEP-BY-STEP ( not a thin book by the way ) as to how to MOVE like move into a new home with kids …let that sink in ..someone paid PAID to be explained how to do the ACT of ¬†moving with children.

Pregnancy Announcement: You are doing it wrong..


  • Parenting prevention is key ..just know your size !



Happy Wednesday !!

5 year olds rock !

I LOVE that Max is turning 5!! Its a way fun age independent! (Boy version for all you that girls )

He wants a race car themed party …and Chris is INSISTING we try a park (the weather is really crazy in April so here’s hoping)


Bounce house 




( food all decorated around race car theme ) 

a wooden car to paint for each kiddo and a goodie bag filled with little cars and car stickers and car coloring books -we are going to try to find car shaped cookie cutter so I can make homemade crayons ..

CHRIS’s idea’s

“Lets find cheap real racing helmets each kid can wear ..” and “Do we have to feed them ? “


“Bounce house no way -how long do we have to do this anyway ..”¬†

YES Chris is free to a good home -clearly he knows how to plan a party that is “fun” for both children and adults ..


Happy St.Patricks Day BTW..I am staying home ( Monday really ?? ) Chris is gone tonight so Max and I are gonna “party ” anyone have any fun dinner ideas ?? Green Mac n cheese is all I got !¬†




OHH and two more questions:
Cupcakes OR cake ?


Pinata or Bounce house ..

Thanks !!








Happy DayLight Savings

Happy BBQ nights and warm long days ..

Happy getting home before dark and taking a nice walk ..

Happy having friends together until 8PM cause the sun is still up and beer is cold..


IN REALITY ( for the first couple “days ” …weeks )¬†

Happy staying up late because you body is not tired..

Happy waking up early because the alarm clock says so ..

Happy BBQ clean up and preparing because your husband has decided to start “slowly ” at noon ( with Coors Light ofcourse )¬†

Happy “Mommy I am cranky and should go to bed but its still light and I don’t understand sleep when the suns out ” I am not sure that’s what Max actually said it was more like “whine ..whine …whine , tear , whine ..whine !¬†

ANYWHO !! First day is a killer …tomorrow will be brighter !





Have a wonderful week all !!



Weirdest Day Ever


Clues that today,Thursday the 6th is the WEIRDEST day ever..


First –Chris took Max to school -Unless Chris is off or hell as froze over Chris does not take Max to school ( to his credit he leaves before daycare at the preschool is open ) Chris had to be at work later than usual so he took him ….hmmmmm….



Then – I found an old journal yesterday and this AM it was OPEN ( YES OPEN ) to a page ..peering closer it had a phone number….an old boyfriends number old love of my life for 4 years high school sweethearts number …his parents number anyway ..did I call ???? HELL YES !! DID IT RING ?? HELL YES !! TOTAL TEASE cuz it rang once then ” we’re sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected …” ¬†Page ¬†was open… why ??



A while later ..I was in the grocery store ( like the regular one ) and found NECTAR NUGGETS !! These are VERY hard to find and delicious ( a carob honey “dessert ” from my childhood ) . I have ONLY found online now- they used to sell at Cassidy’s in Encinitas Dave was little.¬†



During the noon hour ..I walked into a Marijuana Dispensary ( it’s legal here and I HAD TO SEE ) NICEST people around working inside ..I literally spent 30 minutes learning the coolest stuff ever..its actually VERY interesting … and walked out with a ..umm ..candy bar …so first one to come visit gets it ! I am now on their email list ¬†so subject lines coming into my yahoo just got a little more “green” so to speak !


Early afternoon ..I was eating my salad pouring salsa in it ..looked down and i had used the entire jar .. THE ENTIRE JAR ..UMMM how does one do that with a salad ??



Cannot wait to see what happens tonight ….Between dinner and laundry things might get squirrely… and who knows what kind of dessert I might have…I mean the nectar nugget of course not the candy bar …


Does it really work ?

I have a question for all y’all ..

Does this shit really work ..for anyone ..anywhere ?? CAUSE it does not for me :

Homemade laundry soap- nope….stains still there ….clothes smell like ..i dont know air ?? or air and baking soda?? Sorry environment and skin BUT I will not have my son running around in mud stained t-shirts that smell like ..mud stained t-shirts. BESIDES it takes forever to make and you have to have those giant buckets …and giant “stirrers” …

Homemade Windex ..lets just say this : My mirrors are still streaked and now i want an giant salad ..( yes vinegar is the main ingredient ) 

Homemade Child’s party decorations from Pinterest : Notice I ONLY said decorations …you CAN make goodie bags ..cakes etc. ..BUT homemade DECORATIONS like tablecloths …banners….”signs ” ..UNLESS you have the EXACT template …EXTREME printer and every shape paper and/or scissors ..this will NOT WORK and it looks like shit !! SPECIFICALLY like a kindergartner is decorating for their teddy bears “picnic party ” .Dont ask how I know this ..NOR why I now know the hours of Party City ..

Work from home and get paid : THIS MAY WORK ..if you are a psychologist and have a home office ..( you know like in the movies.. ) or you are a medical transciptor ( sp ? ) and ya know what even that sounds shady ..BUT if you do happen to fall for this deserve to pay the $7.95 a month to buy supplies needed to stuff envelopes ..and I would like to sell you my ocean front property here in Colorado ¬†…

Sticking to a grocery Budget : In theory this works. Please do not say I am the only one that suddenly has a craving for Chinese and the spaghetti you have planned for tonight to make just wont cut it ? AM I THE ONLY ONE that has decided last minute I would like to try Aunt Helen’s recipe tonight instead of what my lovely fridge already has ( Actually its more like -shit I do not even want to boil water so I am going to pick up a roasted chicken and some microwavable rice and call it a day ..and while I am there we definatley need …) ANYWAY hats off to those “frugal frannies ” ¬†who shop on Sunday and do not go back until the next Sunday..( DO U LIVE ALONE ?? OR LIE ?? ) I tried couldn’t pull it off ..

Forever 21 clothes after Fuck this shit im 30Fit ? And better yet if it does should you ? Stick with the earrings and costume jewelry-you are safe …sorta …


Love some feedback on things that DO or DO NOT work for you !! I know Coconut oil has been a big hit for one lady ( UMMM MISS SYLVIA ) and actually it has worked for me too ..a GREAT moisturizer and a small amount to coffee adds YUMMINESS and health …

ALSO freeze bananas in cubes for smoothies .. this actually works …


Max’s Jokes :

Knock Knock 

Who’s there ?


Boo who 

Dont cry its only a joke …

( which he then runs off laughing hysterical ..) he is VERY proud of this joke and likes to share with anyone and everyone who will listen …..(this is your warning )¬†

Happy Monday everyone !