And now you know.. and knowing is half the battle

For some reason this week has flown i went to sleep Sunday and now its Wednesday ..WTF ??
Anyways on another weird note it has been quite the “learning ” week..Ill share ..

This week I have learned:

  • How to make a heart comment on facebook..<3
  • Max is addicted to Thin Mints 
  • Kale is NOT yummy in any form 
  • Whole Foods has the best ever Magic Cookie Bar ..I am or may not have bought three ( one for each member of my household) and they may or may not have arrived home ..
  • Herdez brand salsa is SUPER yummy ..( in the land of no salsa this works )  SERIOUSLY try -cheap and good :




  • The older girl’s in the neighborhood will cut your four year son’s hair when playing “fashion” ..BTW he will not care …
  • Chris makes hands down the best baked homemade fries …recipe :

Chris’s Homemade Fries :

Cut into strips , 

Ziploc bag them and shake with olive oil , garlic, a little cayenne pepper , SEA SALT or KOSHER SALT ,little pepper ..

Spread on foiled and lubed cookie sheet ( Chris uses olive oil you could prob do that spray (shit) stuff ) he does in batches so they lay COMPLETELY flat ..350 for ?? -he said he just “smells “when ready to flip ..flip then cook some more ..i kinda timed last time he made ..about 30 TOTAL mins 🙂

Enjoy !! Chris makes a gravy to put over it YUMMMMM ..

  • Tooth “problems ” do not go away they escalate. 
  • Relaxation is relative …sitting to eat an ENTIRE meal at a restaurant with an other adult IS ABOUT THE MOST ZEN I HAVE FELT IN YEARS 🙂 
  • I really want to go to  roller rink ( i keep having dreams out it ) anyone else have this desire ?

ANYWAYS no good knowledge but thats my “share ” 








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