Food for thought

So I got a really cool email this weekend from my Aunt. Copies of my now deceased Grandmother’s cool right ??

I certainly will not share all with ya all of it ..BUT I thought this was cool :

On a piece of scratch paper found in her drawer day of her passing written :

“directions to us for after death “

“Maybe it all depends on something within yourself-whether you go out to meet death or to seek life. It is like this: As long as you stay within the realm of the great may fight the demons, and if you can meet them with a heart  which does not tremble, the fight will make you stronger. It will help you attain your goal in life: it will give you strength to help others,to be loved and liked and to seek life.” 

Thanks Moselle ..words that I really needed to hear and hope someone can be touched by as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week …


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