Thinkin’ Caps People it’s F’n Thursday !

I need help ..

I am making personalized plates for my kiddos this year for Easter ..

It is very easy 😦 and cheap I got two plates at a thrift store for 1.00 and had Sharpees as for the Krylon acrylic crystal clear coating 11 oz bottle I have yet to find. ) 


How to paint your own decorative plates: decorate your plates with sharpees, bake them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Let your plate cool down completely. Spray a clearprotective coat on dishware. This allows you to use it for serving food. You can purchase a Krylon acrylic crystal clear coating 11 oz bottle. This spray protects your drawings and decoration from water, dust and stains. It provides a permanent gloss coating to your plate.

Anywho I am fresh out of ideas for each kiddo …..

I would like to express their personalities or my thoughts to them thru- song lyric, sayings, drawing, funny comic?? 

ANY IDEAS ?? you all know Dave : surfer, lover of EVERYTHING ocean, college student, soft spoken ( to the outside world ) athletic,HIGH self esteem hahhahha please read between lines, a HUGE put-r-offer-(should have named him procrastination ), very social , loyal …( does this sound like a singles add ? ) 

And Max a roo : energetic, smart , 100 % all the time ( ALL -THE-TIME ) super duper cuddler ( awww as I type this I miss him ) , picky eater, stubborn, social like his brother , lover of EVERYTHING Transformer and “zoo” ( I am assuming animals? we haven’t really clarified what mommy  I love the zoo so so so so much means ! ) 

Anywho any ideas ?? Help full hints ??



The cougar in me :




For Dave’s plate-?



MY EYES !! :

Have a wonderful Thursday !! 









3 thoughts on “Thinkin’ Caps People it’s F’n Thursday !

  1. Put all those things you just wrote in your post on the plate. Maybe in a written circle. Add little artwork by each description and then date the plate. I don’t know…just the first thing that came to mind. 😉

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