Proud momma

SO I am pretty proud of my kiddos ( I know SHOCKING )

But you never REALLY know how cool they are until they do something that makes you realize damn it they ARE listening OR for shit sake they DID get it !!

SO Dave called me ( I KNOW CALLED ME ) And said mom mom you have to go to the video I just posted on my FB it is the best thing ever ..

SO of course I ran inside and looked up this video ..

I wish I could link it BUT it is a sports news reporter responding to a famous athlete coming out that he is gay ..he basically says who cares if he is gay and supports the athlete 100 % ..

SOO in calling David I said Honey I am so proud of you that you accept all people and all things regardless of who they love. He said ” Ya pretty stupid to judge a man/women by their boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse instead of who they are -who gives a shit -I  mean you could be purple with horns for all I care if you are a good person you are good person ..I mean I even have fat friends ” OHH DAVEY you had me up until the last part-HOWEVER I looked past that and was very proud of you as a young man and young adult .

“No freedom until we are equal . Damn right I support it “-Macklemore

OKAY so lets not forget Max a roo –

Max “scored “(its not really a test JUST an outside assessment of the kiddos to see if they “qualify” to make it into the kindergarten class at his school ..) highest in “fine and large motor skills” ..”processing behavior ” and  “ma thematic concepts ” and he is one of the youngest in his class …WAY TO GO MAX !! Now only you can use your “stewie ” power for good and not plotting to take over the world we will be perfect !! HAHHHAHA.

Ok so now that I sound like one of those parents -JOIN ME …comment on a proud mommy /uncle/aunt /friend / super hero moment 🙂



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