Walking with Purpose

I am pretty sure that is a bible verse but I heard a talk radio show today regarding this. They asked what is your purpose and explained how to achieve it . VERY cool expect I dont have one answer ..my purpose ..in what ?? I have like 18 different balls (keep it clean) in the air at any given time ..SOOOO I thought of things in my life and how I am being purposeful …I have no idea if this is even readable or relate able -comment on either point -but this is what happens when I listen to talk radio (drink too much coffee) instead of Pink or Janet Jackson in the AM

On Romance  : I am proactive in my approach :




On Parenting I PROMISE 100% this is my goal -I TRULY TRULY believe we are raising people that will be adults and the world will have to deal with ..( ok ——no pushing off the soapbox i’ll jump down ) 



On work : Always looking ahead 



On Marriage -always keepin’ it funny ( meant to be a joke ..sarcasm ..really chris …..WHAT ?? You think I might be protested too much ?? I AM NOT I AM NOT I AM NOT) 


On Friendship: My purpose is to always be there always !!



On Exercise : I am pretty wishy washy in this hahahha BUT…


In regards to Facebook : THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANT TO DO :



I am sharing this cuz what the hell is this the purpose of ..or how to cheat ?? Either way I had to share :



And let’s get serious for a second these are way cool little things to remember regarding “purpose”  🙂 






OOPS that is not suppose to reflect purpose (forget your problems and unwind after a hard day) BUT since it is there ..this is my new fav beer -try it especially Cali people you will like …SHARING that’s what the purpose is ..EDUCATING ..ahhhh KNEW there was a reason that pic showed ..

Anyways …anyone have any purpose thingys to share ??

AND remember Tuesday better than Monday ..no where near as fun as hump day , not a tease like Thursday BUT not ever as long as a Friday work day !! 🙂


















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