And now you know.. and knowing is half the battle

For some reason this week has flown i went to sleep Sunday and now its Wednesday ..WTF ??
Anyways on another weird note it has been quite the “learning ” week..Ill share ..

This week I have learned:

  • How to make a heart comment on facebook..<3
  • Max is addicted to Thin Mints 
  • Kale is NOT yummy in any form 
  • Whole Foods has the best ever Magic Cookie Bar ..I am or may not have bought three ( one for each member of my household) and they may or may not have arrived home ..
  • Herdez brand salsa is SUPER yummy ..( in the land of no salsa this works )  SERIOUSLY try -cheap and good :




  • The older girl’s in the neighborhood will cut your four year son’s hair when playing “fashion” ..BTW he will not care …
  • Chris makes hands down the best baked homemade fries …recipe :

Chris’s Homemade Fries :

Cut into strips , 

Ziploc bag them and shake with olive oil , garlic, a little cayenne pepper , SEA SALT or KOSHER SALT ,little pepper ..

Spread on foiled and lubed cookie sheet ( Chris uses olive oil you could prob do that spray (shit) stuff ) he does in batches so they lay COMPLETELY flat ..350 for ?? -he said he just “smells “when ready to flip ..flip then cook some more ..i kinda timed last time he made ..about 30 TOTAL mins 🙂

Enjoy !! Chris makes a gravy to put over it YUMMMMM ..

  • Tooth “problems ” do not go away they escalate. 
  • Relaxation is relative …sitting to eat an ENTIRE meal at a restaurant with an other adult IS ABOUT THE MOST ZEN I HAVE FELT IN YEARS 🙂 
  • I really want to go to  roller rink ( i keep having dreams out it ) anyone else have this desire ?

ANYWAYS no good knowledge but thats my “share ” 








Food for thought

So I got a really cool email this weekend from my Aunt. Copies of my now deceased Grandmother’s cool right ??

I certainly will not share all with ya all of it ..BUT I thought this was cool :

On a piece of scratch paper found in her drawer day of her passing written :

“directions to us for after death “

“Maybe it all depends on something within yourself-whether you go out to meet death or to seek life. It is like this: As long as you stay within the realm of the great may fight the demons, and if you can meet them with a heart  which does not tremble, the fight will make you stronger. It will help you attain your goal in life: it will give you strength to help others,to be loved and liked and to seek life.” 

Thanks Moselle ..words that I really needed to hear and hope someone can be touched by as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week …

Thinkin’ Caps People it’s F’n Thursday !

I need help ..

I am making personalized plates for my kiddos this year for Easter ..

It is very easy 😦 and cheap I got two plates at a thrift store for 1.00 and had Sharpees as for the Krylon acrylic crystal clear coating 11 oz bottle I have yet to find. ) 


How to paint your own decorative plates: decorate your plates with sharpees, bake them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Let your plate cool down completely. Spray a clearprotective coat on dishware. This allows you to use it for serving food. You can purchase a Krylon acrylic crystal clear coating 11 oz bottle. This spray protects your drawings and decoration from water, dust and stains. It provides a permanent gloss coating to your plate.

Anywho I am fresh out of ideas for each kiddo …..

I would like to express their personalities or my thoughts to them thru- song lyric, sayings, drawing, funny comic?? 

ANY IDEAS ?? you all know Dave : surfer, lover of EVERYTHING ocean, college student, soft spoken ( to the outside world ) athletic,HIGH self esteem hahhahha please read between lines, a HUGE put-r-offer-(should have named him procrastination ), very social , loyal …( does this sound like a singles add ? ) 

And Max a roo : energetic, smart , 100 % all the time ( ALL -THE-TIME ) super duper cuddler ( awww as I type this I miss him ) , picky eater, stubborn, social like his brother , lover of EVERYTHING Transformer and “zoo” ( I am assuming animals? we haven’t really clarified what mommy  I love the zoo so so so so much means ! ) 

Anywho any ideas ?? Help full hints ??



The cougar in me :




For Dave’s plate-?



MY EYES !! :

Have a wonderful Thursday !! 








Proud momma

SO I am pretty proud of my kiddos ( I know SHOCKING )

But you never REALLY know how cool they are until they do something that makes you realize damn it they ARE listening OR for shit sake they DID get it !!

SO Dave called me ( I KNOW CALLED ME ) And said mom mom you have to go to the video I just posted on my FB it is the best thing ever ..

SO of course I ran inside and looked up this video ..

I wish I could link it BUT it is a sports news reporter responding to a famous athlete coming out that he is gay ..he basically says who cares if he is gay and supports the athlete 100 % ..

SOO in calling David I said Honey I am so proud of you that you accept all people and all things regardless of who they love. He said ” Ya pretty stupid to judge a man/women by their boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse instead of who they are -who gives a shit -I  mean you could be purple with horns for all I care if you are a good person you are good person ..I mean I even have fat friends ” OHH DAVEY you had me up until the last part-HOWEVER I looked past that and was very proud of you as a young man and young adult .

“No freedom until we are equal . Damn right I support it “-Macklemore

OKAY so lets not forget Max a roo –

Max “scored “(its not really a test JUST an outside assessment of the kiddos to see if they “qualify” to make it into the kindergarten class at his school ..) highest in “fine and large motor skills” ..”processing behavior ” and  “ma thematic concepts ” and he is one of the youngest in his class …WAY TO GO MAX !! Now only you can use your “stewie ” power for good and not plotting to take over the world we will be perfect !! HAHHHAHA.

Ok so now that I sound like one of those parents -JOIN ME …comment on a proud mommy /uncle/aunt /friend / super hero moment 🙂


Walking with Purpose

I am pretty sure that is a bible verse but I heard a talk radio show today regarding this. They asked what is your purpose and explained how to achieve it . VERY cool expect I dont have one answer purpose what ?? I have like 18 different balls (keep it clean) in the air at any given time ..SOOOO I thought of things in my life and how I am being purposeful …I have no idea if this is even readable or relate able -comment on either point -but this is what happens when I listen to talk radio (drink too much coffee) instead of Pink or Janet Jackson in the AM

On Romance  : I am proactive in my approach :




On Parenting I PROMISE 100% this is my goal -I TRULY TRULY believe we are raising people that will be adults and the world will have to deal with ..( ok ——no pushing off the soapbox i’ll jump down ) 



On work : Always looking ahead 



On Marriage -always keepin’ it funny ( meant to be a joke ..sarcasm ..really chris …..WHAT ?? You think I might be protested too much ?? I AM NOT I AM NOT I AM NOT) 


On Friendship: My purpose is to always be there always !!



On Exercise : I am pretty wishy washy in this hahahha BUT…


In regards to Facebook : THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANT TO DO :



I am sharing this cuz what the hell is this the purpose of ..or how to cheat ?? Either way I had to share :



And let’s get serious for a second these are way cool little things to remember regarding “purpose”  🙂 






OOPS that is not suppose to reflect purpose (forget your problems and unwind after a hard day) BUT since it is there ..this is my new fav beer -try it especially Cali people you will like …SHARING that’s what the purpose is ..EDUCATING ..ahhhh KNEW there was a reason that pic showed ..

Anyways …anyone have any purpose thingys to share ??

AND remember Tuesday better than Monday where near as fun as hump day , not a tease like Thursday BUT not ever as long as a Friday work day !! 🙂

















The awkward moment when you realize confidence has taken a horrible turn ..

I do admire people with confidence .I hide my insecurities pretty well BUT am actually pretty self-doubting -aren’t we all??

Well turns out no no we are not :






I think I would rather be insecure than have these pics of me -anywhere ..ever…

SO they say somethings can not be unseen here are some beautiful pics….poems for this lovely Friday !! Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!

beach blog





reminds me of bean nips wedding 🙂 –






Chill’in ..literally


Im sure everyone knows its cold here. BUT DAMN ITS COLD HERE !!

Interesting facts I have discovered “trail by fire ” style about the cold –

-15 degrees takes your breath away really it does you cannot breath.

Do not leave lunches in your car (for any length of time)-they will freeze -lettuce is icky frozen.

You can play football inside..with a four year old….your mother’s rules of don’t play ball inside do not apply in CO winters.

Warm up your car..duh you say ?? No I mean warm up your car ..for at least 15 mins (not joking) it wastes a horrid amount of gas however you cannot sit in a car for mins as it “heats up ” AKA never heats up –in -negative- degree- weather.

AND when driving in warmed up car not be fooled just because snow is not falling and it is sunny black ice is everywhere. Just ask Chris who slide through an intersection in the ambulance hahhaha thankfully his ready ranger partner ( keep it clean people ) switched on the lights making it look like an emergency code 3 call versus a I am from California and slide on black ice oopsie.

Candles do not provide warmth knew this ?? Not me-I always used to think the house was “hot” when I lit too many candles ..Now I light candles to mask the smell that is permeating around a house that has not been aired out in days..not for warmth.

You will be warm only 10 mins a day ( or 60 mins if you are Chris or a teenage boy ) in the shower -that is REALLY the only time you will be 100 % warm -I know I wouldn’t believe it either …heaters, blankets, fires nothing will really get you warm anymore only the shower or bath actually ..awwww now I want a bath.

You will bake for warmth..or do crafts that require using the oven. I hate baking seriously I hate baking and I could in pinch be called Betty Crocker now.

I hope you feel sorry for me..hahhaha I know I did (do) HOWEVER just as I am about to “freeze” with depression (see what I did there ?) 

I am so very thankful for :







Good Strong Coffee: 


Good Strong Wine :




L-O-T-I-O-N ..( side note this lotion is expensive as hell BUT the best yet !! ) :



OFCOURSE THE MONKEYS ( you thought you could get through one post without them ?? ) :




Laughter :



Fun lessons:

The other day I was driving home from work in this horrid snow storm-it really looks like a snow globe -i was scared and feeling sorry for myself- just then I looked over to see a man WALKING in the falling ( whirling ) snow HUGE smile on his face carrying a 12 “pack ” of toilet paper…I thought too things 1. It could be worse and  2. Fuck if he can smile so can I ! 

Happy Thursday everyone !!!

OHH almost forgot I made goals this month -well one

No eating out at all -no takeout -no restaurants -no deli visiting ( I have a new obsession for the grocery store deli ) nothing until March 1st -thanks Sylvia Harrington !! SO now that I have blogged it I have to do it right ?? Ok and if you see me near a Chinese food restaurant or a menu you have my permission to slap , kick , beat me …might be hard from Cali but you get he point !!