Survey says ….

Remember the game would you rather ?? Me either …in my day it was truth or dare BUT this game is fun and I want to play with someone so you are up :

K you can comment with your answers or not at all and just read my answers ..( BUT would be fun to comment don’t you think ? )

K…lets start off easy ..

1.Would you rather be a trash man and make enough money to live lavishly OR have a easy office job but be broke ?

HAHAHHA can I empty your dumpster now ?? R u kidding me ?? the latter hits too close to home ..

2. Would you rather eat snake or turtle ??

YUCK and YUCK but snake ….hate the devils and I kinda like turtles …cute little buggers !

3.Marry for money or love ?

..silence …crickets..

4. Screw/hump/make love to Johny Depp or George Clooney ?? Gentlemen you must answer also ..

Come hither eyes …

hands down :





5.Would you rather screw/hump/make love to Pink (hahahha yes I picked her-my wife in another lifetime -spoiler alert ) or Keira Knightly ?? Ladies you have to answer too ..

and since we all know my answer ill post pics of both :



 OK i must confess I goggled “would you rather questions ” just now AND these are some : LMAO 

6. Would you rather have sand paper hands or no genitals ?

um what ?? prob no genitals ..honestly a waste of space and who the hell wants to have chronic “dry ” hands ….

7.Have sex with a walrus or never have sex again ??

UM WHAT ?? (who the fuck comes up with these) I am not a fan of seafood..smell makes me nauseous so never have sex again ,,

(confession I think my life is headed down that path anyways …there is a toddler in my bed again .. so this was a bit of a no brainer ) 

8.(a nice clean one ) Would you rather have the ability to read minds ( you would be illiterate) or the the ability to read ?

Read of course !! I am a junky ..currently I have three books going..only one fiction though ..( Holly this is a public service announcement to you: SEND-YOUR -SIS-YOUR-SPARE-KINDLE -xoxo) 

9. (OMG I LMFAO) Would you rather fart popcorn or have your past web browser history open to everyone ?

FART POPCORN HAHHAHHAHHAHA that cracks me up and now I have no desire for the movies..I would choose past web browser..nothing to hide here ..and no i am not goggling how to hide your web browser history in 30 seconds or less.

10. ( Last one ) and i cannot make this shit up they have this on the internet as a suggested question in the would you rather game : Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or or have a row of penises down your back like a stegosaurus..( and they have a picture of a stegosaurus ) …

OHH well Max a roo your dream of your mother becoming a dinosaur has just come true …penis back it is !!

Join in the fun !! Comment ..send pics….this could be a very fun drinking game …or a dangerous first date icebreaker ..

anywho I hope Thursday finds you happy,healthy and wise ..(hey I have two out of three ..)











2 thoughts on “Survey says ….

  1. I think I just died laughing!!! I would have to agree with all of your answers except that I would probably do Kiera Knightly before Pink. I mean I would chose Kiera, I wouldn’t chose both and “do” them in order. Geez! Penis back…..rotflmfao.

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