San Diego Defeat



Yes the Chargers lost to Denver yesterday and yes I am sad and yes I have been receiving some “razzing ” so to speak from Denver fans out here


-BUT can we all agree to hate the Broncos



or as I call them donkey ass mother fuckers and not Denver ??

Dont know if it’s because I have lived here for a year now BUT I must share the good in Denver :

-There are over 60 breweries in CO all of which are on Denver OR only an hour away ..I am not a beer fan BUT Dry Dock beer is fantastic !! ( Helps that the brewery is literally 5 mins from my house )

Dry Dock


dry dock two


-Rocky Mountain National Park is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen dont do it justice ..I am NOT a nature person so it takes alot to blow my mind and it did ..






denver 1


Downtown Denver is filled with funky old buildings and new age sky scrapers all within blocks of each other



wall 3




-OHH and then there is the snow 

snow max




snow 2


POT IS LEGAL ! -Yes you can buy weed at a dispensary wiithout a med card 🙂 ( you should see the lines though -out the door at any given time so you must REALLY REALLY want it !!) hahha


Also the lovlies I have met here : People are REALLY REALLY NICE here and did I tell you I love Max’s school ?? Just all around good quality people !! ( for the most part until they get behind the wheel BUT that is an entire blog to itself ..)

Anyways can you forgive Denver for :



And love it for this :



and for this resident too 🙂

max a roo





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