Alone time without hassle

I am 36 (37??) who the hell knows BUT for the majority of my life I have had a child(ren) and a hubby ..this leaves for little to no alone time (especially when you have a little one). Oh don’t get me wrong I have had babysitters,been blessed with trips alone etc, etc BUT on a daily basis I have alone time in the car to and from work signing wildly to Janet Jackson ( no just me ? ) My husband is a homebody ( this is code for deeply in love with the TV ) and Max a roo cannot go play outside by himself yet so if i am home there is no peace

Examples: MAX 

“Mommy why is the ninja turtles not real ?”

“Because they live in our hearts and entertain us in our imaginations.” This begins a whole new slew of questions that ends in me giving Max any food i can reach to occupy his mouth.


“Hunny where did YOU put my paperwork that i now need in the next 30 seconds that have been sitting on the counter for three fuckin months ” ( i think he only says the first couple words BUT any who you get the point ) and this begins an all out hunt for the damn paperwork and an lecture AS I AM HELPING HIM about how I throw things out only for him to find it in a file he “didnt put there must have been you “.

SOO you get my point ..anywho so last night I used Eucalyptus oil on my chest for a cold AND Max walked into the room :


Max: What is that terrible smell ?

Me: Its a rub that helps my cough

Max: And hurts my nose !!


He ran out of the room ..

seconds later Chris came in 


Chris : OMG Max is right that is awful ..that is giving me a headache..omg i cannot be in here. 

Me: ( hiding a smile ) Sorry you guys may just have to stay out of the room for awhile it really helps my cough.

I laid back and watched re-runs of Frasier… painted my toe nails …read some of a book ( yes with big people words ) …

This was heaven people and on a Monday night ?? 

I texted a couple loved ones about this and their responses: 

“Bath in it “

“Omg send me some “

SO conclusion if you do anything this new year try Eucalyptus oil or mommy needs a fucking break without guilt cream. (might not want to ask at the store by the latter name.) It works and …….now I may have a chronic cough …






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