Too Much Good stuff

Need a laugh ? I know I do ..



READ : IT IS SO WORTH IT (I swear I didnt stop laughing)





I am throwing in some inspiration too I need it :



DID I TELL YOU Channing Tatum called ? he wanted me to tell you ..yes you  :



SOOO update ( does everyone role their eyes or skip over this part ?) 🙂

Dave comes out Thursday with Marina ( or as like to call them Velcro twins ) I am so excited to see them both  !! 

Max did great in his Christmas play !! He was quite the great Who in Whoville 




And a Christmas Poem/Prayer for you  :

May your mistletoe be placed just right ( insert Renée Zellweger movie scene here)

And may the office party go without a fright (open bar for all)

Let your stocking be hung with care (do not start the fire in the fireplace …..just trust me)

May you always hear Santa ‘s magic in the air (enough Merlot and you too shall hear the sleigh bells)

Let us remember the true meaning of the holiday ( and not kill your relatives )

Give what you already have (this is serious)

Love, light and blessings (you can give for free so damn it do it)

AND remember a child’s sweet words about Christmas 

” Remember mommy if Santa forgets you have to go to Walgreens ( how this has become a toy store is beyond me) and get all the rest of my list remember you said to give to this season “-not a quote from MY 4 year old child. Ok NOT a quote from my 19 year old child ..






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