Karma ?? and wtf did I do ?

and the fun continues …

After Turkey day …

Dave left yep left DAMN HIM ūüôā ..In all honesty it was soooo nice to see him and HORRID to let him go ( but easier this time-couldn’t be that he is coming out in about two weeks hahha) even though Chris says I get the “Dave hangover ” (I really do …)

My papa was so much fun to be around and I forgot how much of a get up and go kinda dude he is …pretty proud to have him as as my dad !! He SPOILS us rotten and thankful does not really begin to explain….

Chris left today for out of town for three days and LITERALLY as soon as I pulled away from the airport I got a call from Max’s school ¬†that he has a “slight- ” fever …once I picked him up it had escalated ¬†..rosy red cheeks ..calm nature ..yes MAX A ROO IS SICK ..did I mention his Christmas play is this week and I am SLAMMED at work??

OHHH and I have a headlight out ..NOT TO BE THAT CHICK but really I had no idea what to do ..thankfully my sweet boss told me to buy a light bulb and he will change for me ..and speaking of my boss ..

I asked him ( orthodox jew ) how Hanukkah is “going” he laughed and said fine how is Christmas going getting nervous I said great BUT i would love to have some blue decorations to celebrate all religions …he said its a little more than putting blue up steph but at least you are open ..LMAO .. (not really I hid in my computer the rest of the day feeling like an ass ) REALLY HE IS THE NICEST MAN I ¬†felt like a real tool ..

ANYWHO so its only Monday ..dare I say what can happen from here ? 

Funnies :

Me : Come on sweetheart lets turn ( yelling at a car in front of me )

Max : Wait…mom …David left he’s not driving that car¬†

Me: I know hunny ..

Max: then why did call that person sweetheart ..im hunny ..David is sweetheart 

Me: (laughing )

Max: I don’t see why you forgetting names is funny ..


funny and sorta sums up my day 


Happy week to come all !! 

OHHHH …and…ILL post pics of what Max and I survived on now that Chris ( the cook ) is gone for 3 days….dont mind the ear to ear grin on both our faces at the Chinese resteraunt and take out Indian food …








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