RANT be ware

_This is what- I [got- on my FB :

At Disney last week, saw a bunch of teens smoking *E CIGARETTES*, in line for a ride! It pissed me off, but is there anything wrong with it? Should we start banning ECIGS the same as tobacco, or is it “harmless?” I’m reading your comments LIVE at 10am on FOX31 KDVR.com


OKAY really ?? is it just me or it is it find a NEW reason to complain ?? 

WHO THE FUCK CARES ?? if if it not ur kid walk away OR BETTER yet use this as a great “teaching moment” honey if this is bothering you DON’T SMOKE ..I swear get -the fuck over yourself ..if you want something better for your child start- at- home it- will infiltrate into outside ..-trust me they will carry your values from home EVENTUALLY ..and if your child is the teen smoking e-cigs ..then at-least they are not smoking cigs or dropping acid in front- of a perfect toddler ..good lord..raise UR CHILDREN YOURSELF quite expecting society ..DEEP CLEANSING{ BREATHS)


6 thoughts on “RANT be ware

  1. Sorry…I disagree. E-cigarettes have no regulations at all. They haven’t done much testing as to the health concerns for e cigarettes. Supposedly there is no risk in the second hand smoke but they haven’t actually done any testing on that. The e cigarettes could also be considered to be marketed to teens (they don’t fall under tobacco laws/no min age and come in cool flavors like bubble gum!) which is kinda shitty. You can do all the parenting you want at home but I guarantee that your kids’ peers have more of an influence on your kids’ decisions than you do at some point. In regards to the teens smoking the e cigarettes in line at Disneyland…sorry…i do have a problem with that. I don’t want my kid inhaling potentially harmful secondhand smoke (see above) while they are waiting in line to ride Splash Mountain. This actually just happened at Knotts. Some guy was smoking one of the e cigarettes at the park. I’m just walking along as he exhales right into my path. I walk right through his “puff the magic dragon” cloud. Smelled like nothing but I got a lung full anyway. GROSS! I’m not interested in “smoking” your leftovers. Go stand over there with the other cancer stick lovers. lol

    • LOVE it and totally respect your opinion ..whats so funny is that when i wrote this I had a feeling u would feel this way ..:) ON A HUGE side note you know who contacted me ?? Nathans mom ( grandma) remember him ? what was his last name ? we loved him and he was kinda naughty ..

      • PS: It takes a village. Other people aren’t as smart as us to raise their kids right. lol. That’s why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. 😉 I just see that the decisions and loosey goosy attitude of others will come around full circle and it WILL affect innocent people in the end. Sad!

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